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2020 is finally over! But the question remains: do we actually deserve 2021? These clips will answer that question with an emphatic "No!
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BigD4rl 19 часов назад
Wash the meat. Wtf.
Mackenzie Curtis
Mackenzie Curtis День назад
3:21 clip the horse legs with youre car and skkkrt
Stana Hruby
Stana Hruby День назад
3:44..to je prasarna od policajtu ..
Bandido День назад
Wash the meat in the washing machine and don't forget to add Downy.
Known2God День назад
LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂... That self-educated eejit adding washing-up liquid to wash the meat. 😂😂😂😂😂
Destiny Curiel
Destiny Curiel День назад
Who washes the meat like that bro
MrOramato 2 дня назад
“In tonight’s headlines, a woman inexplicably fell 200 feet from a Dam”
Wesley Morris
Wesley Morris 2 дня назад
I wouldn't touch that meat at all after that 😜
Rob Smith
Rob Smith 2 дня назад
All recycled vids. No wonder they call themselves FailArmy.
Paradoxical Nexus
Paradoxical Nexus 2 дня назад
I'm not gonna lie so nobody else lie. We all know that if that girl whether it is your SO, GF, Family or friend. If she smacked your phone out your hand into the water below, you'd probably- DEFINITELY grab her and throw her over too. I hope she bought him a new phone although he's kinda fucked cause he can't transfer his number and data over. He probably lost hundreds of photos with family and friends he'll never see again.
Average anime man
Average anime man 3 дня назад
1:43 I think only dogs can hear you know.
Ras Cali
Ras Cali 3 дня назад
7:46 if anyone did that to me, I'd beat the living sh*t out if em then smack cam them off the bridge
Martin Farkas
Martin Farkas 4 дня назад
0:56 omg whats her name?😍
Random Dude
Random Dude 5 дней назад
Self inflicted? That girl smacked his phone out of his hand
dano r
dano r 6 дней назад
Posted on 1/26/21??? These are older than I am, and I'm 60.
Tony Midyett
Tony Midyett 6 дней назад
@1:40 Karen assumes her ultimate form.
True Scorpio
True Scorpio 7 дней назад
People are remedial
johnny cash
johnny cash 8 дней назад
i jusss does wha bbubba sezzez
johnny cash
johnny cash 8 дней назад
how do these people get through life
JJ156 8 дней назад
This p over that people can always be dumber
Кирилл Кузнецов
Кирилл Кузнецов 9 дней назад
Pliz aim ruussHEn переведите на русский С 4м-45с до 5м-10с-20с---
theeverlastingspiral 10 дней назад
1:40 when a liberal doesn't get their own way..
Рустам Шарифов
Рустам Шарифов 10 дней назад
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😁 😅
Velius 10 дней назад
"Why'd you run that stop sign?" "I just wanted to get pulled over by a horse, officer."
stealthy guy
stealthy guy 11 дней назад
I'd like to see the end of the 2nd video,hope the freak kicking cars for no reason got some payback 🤯
davajuliansyah 11 дней назад
whoopdeedoo 12 дней назад
*Guy does burnout* Crowd: Cheers *Guy gets pulled over* Crowd: Cheers
aaron abel
aaron abel 13 дней назад
Failarmy is more like repeatarmy same bulllshit
Dreaklock 13 дней назад
0:47 - Good LORD!
ICU 15 дней назад
People suck lol
Stux Net
Stux Net 15 дней назад
That girl who unplugged that PS.....will get punched in the face if it was me !!!😡😡😡
Wyatt Olsen
Wyatt Olsen 15 дней назад
First rule of cooking chicken, always remember dish soap is for cleaning, not for seasoning
Soham's Education
Soham's Education 18 дней назад
Any indians here
Marino deBreda
Marino deBreda 18 дней назад
0:26 Guy with an ego 10 times bigger than his reproduction organ.
Aux Tex
Aux Tex 19 дней назад
1:14 Tam bir aptal 😂😂😂
Paul Murgatroyd
Paul Murgatroyd 19 дней назад
When did people even start washing chicken with soap? When did that become a thing?
Brooks Warner
Brooks Warner 19 дней назад
Can someone explain why she was mad here 1:45
Speeddemon3 20 дней назад
WTAF is the guy at 6:45 thinking?
Wave420 21 день назад
The dude who catches cop pull dude over on dash cam been waiting for that moment ever since he bought that shit lol
Musa Ak
Musa Ak 22 дня назад
05:40 Turkish :) '''Hayır hayır hayır şu an olmaz lütfen ne olur'''
Skateboarding World
Skateboarding World 23 дня назад
very crazy this content congratulations!
Train Lover
Train Lover 23 дня назад
The title of this should’ve been called what were they drinking
donald hamilton
donald hamilton 24 дня назад
Welp , I Unsubbed , are you happy now ?
J Threefingers
J Threefingers 24 дня назад
6:45 And this was how the tangy flavor for meat was found, by accident.
Eskimos 96
Eskimos 96 24 дня назад
For recording vertically with a smartphone there should be the death penalty...
Big Smoosh
Big Smoosh 25 дней назад
7:53 I fucking love being scottish
J. Rayna216
J. Rayna216 25 дней назад
Dude half of these clips are fucking staged. Dude with the ice sculpture? I fucking hate the selfie generation.
Nisheet Verma
Nisheet Verma 25 дней назад
FailArmy you don't read comments, do you?
Jess Esquivel
Jess Esquivel 26 дней назад
A FAIL post by FailArmy! Seriously? This recycled material!! Nothing 2021 but the date it was posted..
Vasya Vasichkin
Vasya Vasichkin 26 дней назад
1:00 Люба - звезда ютьюба =) правда в песне Убори хрен застрял в заборе, а тут 2в1 =)
Mister P
Mister P 26 дней назад
Dude was really washing the chicken with soap
Im Albe
Im Albe 26 дней назад
What he doing at 7:20 :0
BrownBomber92181 27 дней назад
When that guy yelled you're messing with the wrong guy, I kept remembering that scene with Steve Martin in planes, trains and automobiles
Jim Y
Jim Y 27 дней назад
04:07 pure entrapment. the cop intentionally stopped (illegally btw) to create a traffic jam and cause road rage that he could ticket.
kegan cuin
kegan cuin 27 дней назад
00:13 now they need to buy new one. Stupid
Dana 28 дней назад
That first guy ought to get a new gf! Cee u next tuesday.
Levi wonder
Levi wonder 28 дней назад
Wow good content how rare is this for fail army nowadays
OppenHeimer the Soilderproky
OppenHeimer the Soilderproky 28 дней назад
7:00 absoloutly not funny you muslims
PerfectPhoenixLPs 28 дней назад
None of these are new. Lol. These are all recycled.
Michael G
Michael G 29 дней назад
Too many stupid ads
Guitarnivore 29 дней назад
7:18 He's using entirely way too much Dawn on that chicken.
Mountain 420
Mountain 420 29 дней назад
90% of these aren’t self inflicted or fails.
Kelsea Nova
Kelsea Nova 29 дней назад
Even if some are recycled, they are still funny
Sakonema Месяц назад
Ancient clips, fail.
blizzard fog
blizzard fog Месяц назад
The horse went on a god damn adventure he must be proud to live a dream like his ancestors did
DosToes Месяц назад
Wash the fucking meet 😂
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover Месяц назад
Stop hating in the comments!!! It's not his fault people aren't putting in videos!!!!!!!Stop hating in the comments!!! It's not his fault people aren't putting in videos!!!!!!!Stop hating in the comments!!! It's not his fault people aren't putting in videos!!!!!!!Stop hating in the comments!!! It's not his fault people aren't putting in videos!!!!!!!
BIG M 3472
BIG M 3472 Месяц назад
saw these all before
CFC thegreatesttherecanbe
CFC thegreatesttherecanbe Месяц назад
I feel like the woman in the clip at 1.56 about these videos. Get some new material.
Fire fist Ace
Fire fist Ace Месяц назад
This channel is getting worst everytime i check it...
Cynthia Bustamante
Cynthia Bustamante Месяц назад
The girl laughing in the first video is annoying.
Leash Quenos
Leash Quenos Месяц назад
5:36 türkler çökün :D
Aaron Goodchild
Aaron Goodchild Месяц назад
6:44 that level of positivity has no place in these videos
AdMan Месяц назад
I have 100% been pulled over by a horse cop. It's a rare tile on the police bingo sheet.
You bot
You bot Месяц назад
Againarmy strikes again
Hayden Russell Thomas *
Hayden Russell Thomas * Месяц назад
The beginning: She unplugs your TV, you go and unplug her mothers life support at the hospital
realitym0nkey Месяц назад
You should change your name to "FakeArmy" instead
Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum
Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum Месяц назад
The last time I saw that smash the phone clip you guys only just broke 1 million subs, and I came back years later, ya'll are still using that clip 😂
Kristian Vandehei
Kristian Vandehei Месяц назад
Dawn dish soap flavored chicken, my favorite!
Doubius Месяц назад
That douchebag that cross the road and kicked the car, Would have been the last time physically using his legs if it was for me !
Darius Bandi
Darius Bandi Месяц назад
Harald Harry Wester
Harald Harry Wester Месяц назад
Would you please stop to use that stupid BEEP !!!!!! Please man!!
Lewis Baools
Lewis Baools Месяц назад
You know it's a sad day when they censor the word break in "He broke his TV."
Damana Fleksina
Damana Fleksina Месяц назад
Sometimes our greatest hurdle is ourselves.
The "smack-cam" girl : either that was staged or she's not a good friend at all. I hope she bought one for him. The guy who washed his meat...I hope he didn't serve that cause he would 've poisoned every last person at his table.
本田健治 Месяц назад
Steve Месяц назад
7:06 Washing it is bad Not talking about the clip Washing meat in general is bad
Tim Groce
Tim Groce Месяц назад
dont kno how the drunk guy at the beach crossing illegally against the signal then kicking cars is a self fail!
Briar Cockrell
Briar Cockrell Месяц назад
I still don't understand why the smack-cam girls think it's so funny. They should know how expensive their own phones are.
joshua kurc
joshua kurc Месяц назад
So that's how Popeye's chicken prepares their food. they have a idiot use dishwashing soap to clean the chicken
Exileant Chimara
Exileant Chimara Месяц назад
1:40 What the hey happend here? I know she was mad, but that was some elevated rage that I need to know the specifics of. Hahahaha!
Slow and Cute
Slow and Cute Месяц назад
Stupidity isn't a virus, but it sure spreads like one
Berfin Месяц назад
5:42 Türk
Eddy Voidsoul
Eddy Voidsoul Месяц назад
Just pathetic
Eddy Voidsoul
Eddy Voidsoul Месяц назад
Fail army? How fucking dare u?
G B Месяц назад
Good grief the name should be agro army
Alexander Frieß
Alexander Frieß Месяц назад
7:30 typical Beamer-Driver
The beast
The beast Месяц назад
Jay M
Jay M Месяц назад
Angry passenger at the airport must have been dealing with Air Canada.
Gav T
Gav T Месяц назад
Worst channel on RUrun
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