The Ultimate Christmas Fail Compilation - The 8 Fails of Failmas

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2 месяца назад

Ho Ho Ho! It's almost Christmas! And what better way to celebrate it that with The 8 Fails of Failmas?
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FailArmy 2 месяца назад
Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a great day! Thank you for the feedback, we're listening and will make changes.
Brayan Escobar
Brayan Escobar 26 минут назад
weeee............wish u a marry FAILMAS we wish u a marry failmas! we wish u a marry failmas and a new broken TV, people falling,and cars being trashed,(someone finish this song for me ik its march but hey i made this up! LOL)
Błażei Jędrzejewski
Błażei Jędrzejewski 2 дня назад
@Medhansh Ghosh 777⁷⁷77
Ashley Hamby
Ashley Hamby 3 дня назад
Alexis +
Alex Morozov
Alex Morozov 4 дня назад
многие шутки или реакции на них неадекватны! больные люди
Marco Matarazzo
Marco Matarazzo 10 дней назад
can someone tell me what this girl got so precious that she screamed a lot lol
Krishna Karule
Krishna Karule 22 часа назад
FailArmy _OP_
steve rosse
steve rosse День назад
Had to turn off the sound. Yuck.
Deborah JOO
Deborah JOO 2 дня назад
Haaaaaaa it is so funny
Lynkah 2 дня назад
The canned laughter and sound effects that FailArmy started putting in are bloody awful.
CoryXJ6'er 3 дня назад
Get rid of the canned laughter and daft sound affects
Chippy L
Chippy L 3 дня назад
O M G. If I'd have pulled the tree over like the kid at 5:15, I wouldn't have been able to sit down for aa week!
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson 4 дня назад
17:31 the mom didn’t notice
ieat caribou
ieat caribou 4 дня назад
To many recycled videos.
부계정 4 дня назад
5:05 이럴만도 함 ㄹㅇ
Faizan wani music
Faizan wani music 4 дня назад
These videos are so addictive, 👍
HELP ME TO REACH 100K SUB 4 дня назад
You Are amazing 😂😂
The Brexiteer
The Brexiteer 5 дней назад
I can't see what this guy was trying to do, 10:39 other than cut the tree in half, so where is the fail? 😎
Kathy Childress
Kathy Childress 5 дней назад
I love the guy shoveling with a card table
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 5 дней назад
17:31: WHACK!!!
angela campbell
angela campbell 5 дней назад
0:37 hade me 😂😂😂
khalid Iqbal pakistan Karachi
khalid Iqbal pakistan Karachi 7 дней назад
I Love you 💕💕. I am Pakistan 🇵🇰
Andrey Ivanov
Andrey Ivanov 7 дней назад
Вы уж извините, но дети за океаном точно не уровновешанные(это еще мягко сказанно)
Savannah Gill
Savannah Gill 7 дней назад
The child who pull he Christmas tree over and said "You think this is funny" would literally NOT have anything under the tree that had his name on it
Lionell Temple
Lionell Temple 7 дней назад
That girl never stopped screaming, actually true story she's still screaming
Silhouette 7 дней назад
u should only laugh when the person who got hurt or whtever laughs
Super Goober
Super Goober 7 дней назад
I hope those were not concert tickets to Justin Bieber.
ginger 8 дней назад
2 comments: Guy scooping snow with table and girl screaming about tickets so NOT FUNNY!!!
Schnitzel_40 8 дней назад
why there is one clib 4 times in??
Kitchen Table Classroom
Kitchen Table Classroom 9 дней назад
I wa;t to see your face kid or whatever your name is
Lego Boy
Lego Boy 9 дней назад
0:00 loll
Hans Wilhelm Kirsch
Hans Wilhelm Kirsch 9 дней назад
the kid at 5:20 is already balding
Troubadix 9 дней назад
Did you see it coming? I didn't.
Metaphysical Grace
Metaphysical Grace 10 дней назад
Bruh.....the one @6:14 reminded me of Idiocracy. Ahhhhh My Balls! Dude got lifted like he just took a rip lmao 🤣
Yumi Gacha
Yumi Gacha 10 дней назад
My favourite is this!🤣🤣😂😂7:54
Kathy Childress
Kathy Childress 11 дней назад
That kid the tore the tree down would have gotten more than coal for xmas
Jody Daugherty
Jody Daugherty 11 дней назад
See if we'd given them lawn darts or fire works there would not be so many idiots today
I’mpatient Player
I’mpatient Player 11 дней назад
Nutcracker gave me real pain
Luke Gabriel Bayani
Luke Gabriel Bayani 11 дней назад
10:14 XD
B2K FALCON 11 дней назад
11:06 😂😂😂
Rohit 11 дней назад
12:02 He Was Screaming For His Life.
DRIvy Robison
DRIvy Robison 11 дней назад
8:46 guy.exe has stopped. please try again later.
MECH SLASHER 12 дней назад
Main point pain video is really a hurting video for every male.😨
Ivana Boor
Ivana Boor 12 дней назад
the video was so ridiculous it was imposslibe.😂😂🤣🤣🤣
stavros 1 6 1 crew SkinS
stavros 1 6 1 crew SkinS 12 дней назад
4:19 jack in the box.. lol
ral 1243
ral 1243 13 дней назад
5:26 and whats about i- ohh... Ok
Leafy Playz
Leafy Playz 13 дней назад
11:07 I’m dead😂
Dillon Bishop
Dillon Bishop 13 дней назад
CJ deserved that coal and he proved it by pulling the tree down
영혼 13 дней назад
크리스마스 트리는 만들지마라.
AMIT TIWARI 13 дней назад
Tatiana Villano
Tatiana Villano 14 дней назад
Nothing funny only idiots
Mathew Jost
Mathew Jost 14 дней назад
Drop the sound effects!
Louie Littlefoot und Marönchen
Louie Littlefoot und Marönchen 14 дней назад
0:22 Those people laughing are assholes.
HiYa Pal
HiYa Pal 14 дней назад
11:59 His scream was hilarious!!! He brought tears to my eyes.😂😂
HiYa Pal
HiYa Pal 14 дней назад
5:13 Seems no one deserves coal more than he does. Lol. Good call, Satan Claws.
243WW 14 дней назад
5:01 Take the coal off him as well. Maybe get it back in 5 years...
The Zholvar
The Zholvar 14 дней назад
the added sounds and laughs are so anoying
mikewfitz 15 дней назад
The first years when a child realizes that their parents are mentally ill.
Daniel Hart
Daniel Hart 15 дней назад
If I screamed like that over a Christmas present, my dad would have kicked my butt!!
Zachary Pelletier
Zachary Pelletier 15 дней назад
Santa be having a bad christmas
Bekon241 16 дней назад
I hate christmass i dont know why ppl need tree like on miniature... Fuck this...
Vidéo lyrique officiel
Vidéo lyrique officiel 16 дней назад
- 20:21 hahahhah 3:24 the little girl hahahha
jmr1068204 16 дней назад
9:08 was a win for the view...
Vrbanvs A. T. Silvanvs
Vrbanvs A. T. Silvanvs 17 дней назад
You've got to hand it to the 2:31 guy. That's a proper second hand experience :)
It’s Liam The boy
It’s Liam The boy 17 дней назад
You all right buddy Still flipping
smokysmoka 17 дней назад
the sounds under are so boring
Jarah Karen
Jarah Karen 17 дней назад
4.59 - what a rotten parent.
Harold McBroom
Harold McBroom 18 дней назад
12:07 in the timeline, my jaw dropped, those parents letting their baby kid mess with those glass decorations, and when the kid smashed them together, just shocked me at what kind of parents would wait that long before taking action. That kid could have hurt himself very badly on those glass decorations.
Елена Саломатина
Елена Саломатина 18 дней назад
Какой дебилизм детей с подарками обманывать и еще ржать. Или потом все-таки дарят?
Whistle Blower
Whistle Blower 18 дней назад
Whistle Blower
Whistle Blower 18 дней назад
*IS THAT YOU, CLARK? [**11:56**]*
Teroces4 Gaming
Teroces4 Gaming 19 дней назад
Rip dolphin 10:17
Teroces4 Gaming
Teroces4 Gaming 19 дней назад
Teroces4 Gaming
Teroces4 Gaming 19 дней назад
aardlord 19 дней назад
First time watching this and I hope there are no silly sound ef-oh.
Jaime Macintyre
Jaime Macintyre 19 дней назад
the first one i could hear his ribs just die
Scratch González
Scratch González 19 дней назад
killing tree 10:00
DR LIFE KOWALSKI 19 дней назад
Man I hate canned laughter.
Helen Amirian
Helen Amirian 19 дней назад
Kid freaking out like that over concert tickets...seems unhealthily obsessed 🤣
Jacob Opstad
Jacob Opstad 20 дней назад
Some of the ski crashes were hilarious and I nearly pissed myself at the garbage truck but I just don't appreciate playing pranks on little kids. Although it seems that the coal kid may have deserved it.
Leslie Skelly
Leslie Skelly 20 дней назад
The nutcracker category made me hurt
jack logan
jack logan 20 дней назад
The funny thing is that some of those morons don’t even ware helmets and are surprised they end up in hospital lol
Darth_MABK 20 дней назад
Ok, about the Nintendo, how evil you can be with your own son?
Barnabás Csiszár
Barnabás Csiszár 20 дней назад
These prank gifts are simply evil! Those kids are broken, and even their own parents did it with them and laughing on them. It makes to feel for them that their home is Hell and can't escape anywhere. You shouldn't support it at all! 😣😡
Deshan Zelaya
Deshan Zelaya 20 дней назад
Merry failmas everyone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jay M
Jay M 21 день назад
16:00 He's so dis-shevled
Ian Gardener
Ian Gardener 21 день назад
cruel parents
ChrisAndCats 22 дня назад
1:51 creased me up for some reason 😅
Dino Rex
Dino Rex 22 дня назад
I actually don't mind the sound effects
Cynthia Booker
Cynthia Booker 22 дня назад
This is some funny shit..not even Christmas and I'm crying from laughing.."oh my God"
Santiago Baluja
Santiago Baluja 23 дня назад
el pibe que le dan carbón y tira el árbol ah bueno soy malo acá tenes
idiot 23 дня назад
Idiots compilation*
KalderiusUSA 23 дня назад
8:35 and 10:55 is the same tree, same house... damn that tree had an awful Christmas!! LMAO
Joe Bob
Joe Bob 24 дня назад
5:02 we now know who’s the school shooter lol
Joe Bob
Joe Bob 24 дня назад
3:38 when you know your not a kid anymore slippers and dry peas lol
Emiliano Rodriguez
Emiliano Rodriguez 24 дня назад
8:11 santa invasion
paul collier
paul collier 25 дней назад
well I found some of these pretty repetitive BUT the kid with the A1 steak sauce is a sweetie, what a guy "this is vey special to me" awwww
Dmitriy Levitskiy
Dmitriy Levitskiy 25 дней назад
When fail army fails at making a fail video
Dmitriy Levitskiy
Dmitriy Levitskiy 25 дней назад
Dude wtf is with the sound effects? 🗑️ Trash
Markus L.
Markus L. 25 дней назад
3:20 Sorry to say but... you just DON'T do this to your kids. And if you do, you should better NOT have kids.
DARKPROTOTYPE930 26 дней назад
8:10 MRS claus yells dinner is ready you fat fucks!! lol
Kristian Boucher
Kristian Boucher 27 дней назад
The only fail, is the stupid sound effects
MrPummi88 27 дней назад
Quasi nichts davon hat mit Weihnachten zu tun...
steve wiz
steve wiz 28 дней назад
It took them long enough, but they finally became like America funniest videos with the SFX. All you need to do is just not speak, and show genuine NEW (not ones you show in every single video) fails
Sakonema 28 дней назад
5:01 Has no argument. But hey you all feeling sorry for the kids.. How do you think they got a nintendo switch and hoverboard box? They're just trolling the kids. Trolling is life. 7:13 You can't just hire a ...tanned santa off the street. 11:36 That big black balloon is not anatomically corrent. 16:51 Best present? 17:11 The girl who finally got signed divorce papers.
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia 28 дней назад
Whats with the stupid sound effects? I feel like I'm watching wrestling in the WWE Thunderdome.
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