NAV - Young Wheezy ft. Gunna (Official Music Video)

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Official music video for NAV "Young Wheezy" feat. Gunna from NAV's new album Emergency Tsunami available everywhere now:
Produced by Wheezy
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They fresh out a coffin
Don’t know why they talking
Got power like Austin
They cap with a gown
These rappers is exhausting
That hoe she gone cost em
They wet like a faucet I look like a fountain Get Texas like Austin
In LA we golfin
Can’t take no more losses and we steady countin
I Put em in office and then get a crown
I’m drenched like a dolphin the freshest in town
Racks in
I walk in maxfield and splurging again
Mixing up crush like it’s juice and the gin
Stick in her pussy it’s loosening
I went to Houston with Travis I’m lit
Niggas send threats and nobody dead
I done got rich but I still ain’t a lick
Take a perc 30 Whenever I’m sick
It cost a 30
i ain’t even 30
FN hold a 30 ,blue tips in da clip
Wide body swerving rolls Royce that for certain
Her head game urgent I bust on her lip
We the big dogs and these lil niggas shrimp
Vegas I spent 20k on the strip
Neighborhood blue on the vette that’s for nip
**that game off the rip
They fresh out a coffin
Don’t know why they talking
Got power like Austin
They cap with a gown
These rappers exhaustin
That hoe she gone cost em
They wet like a faucet I like a fountain
Drink Texas like Austin
In LA we golfin
Can’t take no more losses and we steady countin
I Put em in office and then get a crown
I’m drenched like a dolphin the freshest in town
Nav verse
Came out the jungle with tigers and apes
Can’t believe cash’s studio is covered in bape
Fuck so much bitches I should be in porn
Cost a arm and a leg just to see me perform
Speaking the truth cause I ain’t good at lying
And I never play golf but I still keep my iron
Call up some vibes I got nothing but dimes
She gave me some brain I got piece of her mind
Pull up to functions my name on the banner
Still walking through the back door with my hammer
Told these lil boys that they don’t want no smoke had to aim at his legs can’t get caught up on camera
Got me a baddie when she give me sloppy she tie up her hair with a Gucci bandana
Come between me and my blues and get handled
I know me same dangerous crips from Atlanta
If I run into a problem with cake I put pots on the stove and I whip up the batter
Speak on my name ima pull up on you all you people gone run when the shots start to splatter
Stayed on my grind and I been making noise and I still find a way how to tune out the chatter
Catching yo bitch is like catching the opps I just pull out my dick and shoot it right at er
They fresh out a coffin
Don’t know why they talking
Got power like Austin
They cap with a gown
These rappers exhaustin
That hoe she gone cost em
They wet like a faucet I like a fountain
Drink Texas like Austin
In LA we golfin
Can’t take no more losses and we steady countin
I Put em in office and then get a crown
I’m drenched like a dolphin the freshest in town
#NAV #EmergencyTsunami #XO
Music video by NAV, Gunna performing Young Wheezy. © 2020 XO Records, LLC and Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

The Real King James
The Real King James 11 часов назад
It's my Bday 🥳🥳🥳🥳
Quasier Mitchell
Quasier Mitchell 14 часов назад
“I heard Travis Scott was coming too” Bruh Travis really made his statement saying”its lit” with a flash of lightning 1:14 -_-
Augustine George
Augustine George 22 часа назад
Deeway time????????
Charles McNamara
Charles McNamara День назад
Everyone's talking about Travis Scott, but no one's going to mention the first thirty seconds of this video?
MULA MIGZ День назад
Epic 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Bahle Mavukwana
Bahle Mavukwana День назад
NAV is floating 🔥🔥🤯
Nathan Sornsovan
Nathan Sornsovan 2 дня назад
Marni on me
Luis Vs
Luis Vs 3 дня назад
It's lit 🔥
kis s
kis s 4 дня назад
goes hard on an aux
Gabe HP
Gabe HP 2 дня назад
No cap this beat go crazy in the whip
Emily Lopez
Emily Lopez 4 дня назад
Ha ha wallace
Ha ha wallace 4 дня назад
This nigga said I’m drenched like ah dolphin LMFAO bro this shit goes to crazy !!
FaZe Super Sniper
FaZe Super Sniper 5 дней назад
2:38 and 2:29 and 2:37 at the video nav said I disgusting word
Noah Riley
Noah Riley 5 дней назад
2:34 a little sus, but still lit
Rastafari 5 дней назад
That flow is 🔥🔥🔥
Zkxfn 6 дней назад
Tmj Whezzy,Bela musica!
brian hamel
brian hamel 6 дней назад
Denis kella
Denis kella 6 дней назад
Nav's verse hit different 🔥
samantha bailey
samantha bailey 7 дней назад
What's NAV stand for? He is formidable fosure.
Allan Choxis
Allan Choxis 7 дней назад
Nav is legit man loving your music man all the way from Africa Zambia muchh love💙💙💙💙
Kush Hood
Kush Hood 7 дней назад
my boi habibi out here 🔥
Jose Molina
Jose Molina 8 дней назад
Hey goats whats up! I come to say only, nobody try to looks like off set Nobody try to sings like off set Nobody try to be off set Well is enough
Derrick Jefferson
Derrick Jefferson 8 дней назад
The first time nav actually not boring 😭
Poop Dealer
Poop Dealer 6 дней назад
Fantano fan gtfo
Bob Paul
Bob Paul 8 дней назад
My friends cool crew ya ya
zt0oph 9 дней назад
this is duuuuuuuuuumb fire
Jarmila Sivakova
Jarmila Sivakova 9 дней назад
stan j
stan j 9 дней назад
The American Horror Story Sample goes hard doe
Saikat Mondal
Saikat Mondal 10 дней назад
Kryptic Skilla
Kryptic Skilla 10 дней назад
How doesn't this have more views bruh
Anelisa Muzim
Anelisa Muzim 10 дней назад
Hard like wheezys face
GHS 10 дней назад
young wheezy young wheezy young wheezy young wheezy
Young dagger Dick
Young dagger Dick 10 дней назад
Yall gotta listen “codein” and “put that shit on “ man them features got the flow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shahad Altamimi
Shahad Altamimi 11 дней назад
y'all copied Marianas thank u next video
King's Regime
King's Regime 11 дней назад
Young Wheezy ft. Deidara
Storm 11 дней назад
Nav killed this song. 💯
Blunt Muzic
Blunt Muzic 11 дней назад
Too dope .......Spike Jordan outtta here with this one fr
DomiT T
DomiT T 11 дней назад
Same flow as Hot but still fire
Motiki Buthelezi
Motiki Buthelezi 12 дней назад
The intro lit AF
Michał Sekuła
Michał Sekuła 12 дней назад
This should've 50kk+ views fr
Elijah S
Elijah S 12 дней назад
How Travis was in the video but not rapping😂🐐💪
Paradizz 12 дней назад
Hi guys i'm sorry to promote myself because i respect too much all these rappers but i never done it in the past and i would like to try, to see how it goes : so i'm a 19yo french rapper singing in English and I'm tryna tell something in each one of my songs, so if you're curious i just released my two new songs "Punk Trip" and "No Jealousy". Wish y'all the best, thank you if you read this 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Um pouco de tudo TV
Um pouco de tudo TV 13 дней назад
Marlan Shuford
Marlan Shuford 13 дней назад
Ok Y’all got one keep it Hot, straight Flame
Almighty_RZA808 13 дней назад
Damn, my old ass been sleeping on this dude Nav. Every song I've heard him on he went hard
Abdulrasheed Isa Bello
Abdulrasheed Isa Bello День назад
Thing Is he rarely switches up his flow
SkahhTounsi 13 дней назад
El Rod from the 3
El Rod from the 3 13 дней назад
Travis Scott should've been on this
Rap Tunes
Rap Tunes 13 дней назад
pyrus 13 дней назад
2:06 to 2:37 gotta be the coldest 30 seconds in trap history
quezwyd 2 дня назад
Shit sooo haaaarrrd
Scarlet Harmison
Scarlet Harmison 13 дней назад
No one Can beat the swag of Nav. These all trappers who are going viral by using *Igrocket* to get the Instagram followers likes and get fame. Thumbs up who agrees with me
Fazer 13 дней назад
Fazer 13 дней назад
Chad Williams
Chad Williams 13 дней назад
Played this at the bar it became a morgue
Mohamed Em
Mohamed Em 13 дней назад
Gunna and NAV together NEVER miss. Insane.
Katimashi 14 дней назад
Lol, I thought this was hopsin making a joke.
Xtremeclips 14 дней назад
Who’s here from jimmy Kimmel?
Feim Savage
Feim Savage 14 дней назад
Its fucking creepy but i like the video :D
chason 14 дней назад
hardest slap in 2021
Vaxor0997 14 дней назад
talk to the hand.
DLJdotWAV 14 дней назад
how did the bar get so low? gunna dead ass using the exact same flow and melody as Hot with thug, yall fanboys ain’t see the burnout edit: Nav verse fire tho, can’t say that too often
gina carrillo
gina carrillo 14 дней назад
Maxy Rojas
Maxy Rojas 14 дней назад
This song had potential but fell off a cliff. Borderline sounds boring. Switch up the flow or put in a catchy hook mayne
George Clooney
George Clooney 15 дней назад
You guys have terrible marketing that’s why you get no exposure which is sad
Shock Wave
Shock Wave 15 дней назад
Travis Scott entry was lit enough🔥 Respect 🙏🏻
ColdArcPlayz 15 дней назад
whos here from youtwotv
CESILLIO 16 дней назад
Joseph 16 дней назад
Gunna 🔥
Broken Brain
Broken Brain 16 дней назад
this musiv video is insane
STON'd AF 16 дней назад
NAV went brazy on this shit. Nigga was spitting continuous while switching his pitch up and down 🥺🔥🙌🏾
Chase Bag
Chase Bag 17 дней назад
I just got put on to nav 🔥🔥🔥
Yasar Rahman
Yasar Rahman 17 дней назад
Louder Louder
Prettyboi Shaunie
Prettyboi Shaunie 18 дней назад
on repeat 😈🔥
Prettyboi Shaunie
Prettyboi Shaunie 18 дней назад
Dillon Byers
Dillon Byers 18 дней назад
Nav gotta be next to people who 5’4 to make him look taller.
ABDALLAH 18 дней назад
D-Sled 18 дней назад
nav went off
Adit Sud
Adit Sud 18 дней назад
Nav is pride of punjabis from india
Adit Sud
Adit Sud 18 дней назад
Sadde punjab di Shaan aa tu veere
Eain Davis
Eain Davis 18 дней назад
Travis would have bodies this flow smh
MOTERxBOTER 19 дней назад
Gunna fr doesn’t get enough credit. He’s so fuckin good and only getting better
Ariahsavage’ Savage
Ariahsavage’ Savage 19 дней назад
Had to run this shit back
Alien Network
Alien Network 19 дней назад
BROO holy shit
Dussié 19 дней назад
I almost drowned watching this. Sheeh!!!🏄🏽‍♂️
Nathan Coniquet
Nathan Coniquet 19 дней назад
This song is underrated
NMEofdaST8 19 дней назад
best part "its littt"
Pyro B
Pyro B 20 дней назад
Anna Allen
Anna Allen 20 дней назад
this needs more views
Lalo Hernandez
Lalo Hernandez 20 дней назад
Dude I hope travis remixes this song
burnaz123 20 дней назад
these dudes is sick with the visuals they put up they asking for darkness in their life and yall eat it up! goofs!
Tomas Rodriguez
Tomas Rodriguez 20 дней назад
Nav >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mozart
Rojo Leon
Rojo Leon 20 дней назад
How tf is this 2 make this 20 million views
janne Heikkinen
janne Heikkinen 20 дней назад
the mosquito has left the chat
Blockland30 21 день назад
why do yall sleep on nav so hard
Harkeen15 18 дней назад
@George Sanders Nah he’s so good🥰
George Sanders
George Sanders 19 дней назад
Cuz he trash
NoT FoRmOoT 21 день назад
HTX Lemarc
HTX Lemarc 22 дня назад
x soldoutdates
x soldoutdates 22 дня назад
Tooo harddd
Nolan 22 дня назад
Nav alright but mans is always getting carried by his ft.
Tropical 22 дня назад
He decided to be deidara 😂
Steven Gomez
Steven Gomez 22 дня назад
"cost an arm and a leg" Shits expensive for a broke fool
Jay-L Beats
Jay-L Beats 23 дня назад
NAVs ass no cap 🧢 btw remember lemonade, his part was dog water here’s a link without him ➡️
Jay-L Beats
Jay-L Beats 21 день назад
@Xxxdudestomp bruh I don’t get what u said at all
Xxxdudestomp 21 день назад
you play among us you have no say in anything
Future Hendrix
Future Hendrix 23 дня назад
Underrated songs like this go unnoticed
Jonathan 23 дня назад
Watching this only to hear travis shout "it's lit"
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