Make a peach blossom crown with silk flowers | 用绢花工艺做了套桃花发冠,带上爱人浪了一把春天丨Liziqi Channel

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Make a peach blossom crown with silk flowers, and catch the spring breeze with my dear Granny.
As a spring ritual after the new year, I’ve been busy sowing recently back at home.
In the mood for some hand-made hair accessories,
I made these Hanfu ornaments with silk flowers, and had this video shot.
In this pretty spring, when peach blossoms dye the mountain,
take my dear lady to the place full of memory, where all is found,
and tick yet another one from her wish list.
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Henry Pineda Ospina
Henry Pineda Ospina 38 секунд назад
Quiero ser como tú, que genial todo lo que haces saludos desde Colombia
Angella Albin
Angella Albin 3 минуты назад
She’s the real Jack of all trades 😻😻😻
郑义 4 минуты назад
看了视频以后 你们是不是特别想来中国 哈哈
Ami Yati
Ami Yati 8 минут назад
Franjeri Sinaga
Franjeri Sinaga 10 минут назад
The Chittagonian Hunger
The Chittagonian Hunger 13 минут назад
Soooo Nice
Atok Naoli
Atok Naoli 14 минут назад
How can one be sosososososososoooooooso beautiful 😭😭😭...
Dibina Rosiline Didy
Dibina Rosiline Didy 15 минут назад
Isabel Reyna
Isabel Reyna 19 минут назад
Me gusta tu creatividad los vídeos sobre la naturaleza las flores el entusiasmo que le pones al confeccionar una prenda como de las reglas de esos países muy hermosos.saludos a todos los que te Compañan hermosos dia
Diya Y patel
Diya Y patel 25 минут назад
Hey lizi can I be ur grandma 😅...🦄 At least for once I want to feel the beauty of hevean ...I will bet for sure who ever comes in liziqi place would forget the citizen life forever ....
Pabitra Mallick
Pabitra Mallick 32 минуты назад
this one video made me to see till last .... great 🎋🎍👍
Nofianti anti
Nofianti anti 39 минут назад
あーる 40 минут назад
Sylvia Yvette Bouye-Roberson
Sylvia Yvette Bouye-Roberson 40 минут назад
Super Gorgeous What You're Making 🌺🌸🌺🌸
-Nasliii 43 минуты назад
എത്ര ഭാഗ്യം ചെയ്ത grandmother🥰🤩
Sue Kakak Oyen
Sue Kakak Oyen 49 минут назад
Tertunggu² video awak liziqi, Akhirnya muncul jugak...Tak puas tengok, play berulang you from Malaysia
Restika Farhany
Restika Farhany 49 минут назад
jiwa magerku terguncang
Sylvia Yvette Bouye-Roberson
Sylvia Yvette Bouye-Roberson 51 минуту назад
WysteriaHysteria 53 минуты назад
Why are her videos so perfect? I wish I could meet her in real life... I’m sure she would be a great and amazing person to talk to
Hi!我是偌含,欢迎来到中国媳妇美国郎生活频道 54 минуты назад
I love you Ziqi, I pray for you and your grandma some times! 我相信,天堂的家就是这样美,可能更美,愿主耶稣基督的恩惠怜悯平安常与你们同在。
Alea Cybil
Alea Cybil Час назад
so wonderful blossom.. I love it..
Fjon Час назад
Incredible 🙏
王慧娟 Час назад
Leigh-vii Час назад
Who in there right mind would thumbs this down??? I just don't understand 😭
Rumi Sultana
Rumi Sultana Час назад
U r real life princess. I am ur big fan ,am proud of u ,am from Bangladesh.
Maharani Час назад
Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 😍😍
آسِطِوٌرةّ آلَشُرقُ آعٌتٌزٍآلَ
آسِطِوٌرةّ آلَشُرقُ آعٌتٌزٍآلَ Час назад
Sakura Chan
Sakura Chan Час назад
刘祥祥 Час назад
DHIVYA S Час назад
This is making me cry and sad
Cristofer 2004
Cristofer 2004 Час назад
Cry OMG 😭😭😭😭 beautifulll
Taybah Noir
Taybah Noir Час назад
This video was made in heaven
Sakura Chan
Sakura Chan Час назад
citra asri
citra asri Час назад
By the way i want ur bathrob... its so cute...pinky...😍
شغف الروح
شغف الروح Час назад
Diego Belash
Diego Belash Час назад
شغف الروح
شغف الروح Час назад
S L Час назад
有人像我一样觉得上山的婆婆是替身吗😂 不过真的好美。人美景美食物美。
IRish D.L.x.
IRish D.L.x. 2 часа назад
Love your work from Nepal
Devanshi Devanshi
Devanshi Devanshi 2 часа назад
In reality I feel peace to see you and your videos, you are amazing 😄😄
Natalia Francis
Natalia Francis 2 часа назад
where is this place?
Mella Retnovianti
Mella Retnovianti 2 часа назад
Walaupun gada subtitlenya aku ttp pantengin ko mba liziqi
Mahima Rai Rai
Mahima Rai Rai 2 часа назад
Princess of nature ❤
U. E.
U. E. 2 часа назад
She got a drona. Oh my god this is watching like a high quality tv series . The way she made the flower crown.
Nature by Dreygo
Nature by Dreygo 2 часа назад
Love absolutely everything she does and her love for her grandma ❤️❤️❤️❤️
LANARA 2 часа назад
Very beautiful
ZAHIRA putri vLog
ZAHIRA putri vLog 2 часа назад
Hi liziqi i.m frm indonesia ❤
Eterna Energi
Eterna Energi 2 часа назад
González Ramón
González Ramón 2 часа назад
Hola liziqui buenos días mi princesa hermosa
Carmelo Polo
Carmelo Polo 2 часа назад
too much feary-like, dislike.
jamie benjamin
jamie benjamin 3 часа назад
Gugun Gunawan
Gugun Gunawan 3 часа назад
Ayo-ah ngabuburit nonton video Liziqi. Omong omong Lebaran mau kemana ? 👇👇✌.
Diane Daddario-Pfautz
Diane Daddario-Pfautz 3 часа назад
Beautiful video. Thank you!
Calm your soul - soothing relaxation music
Calm your soul - soothing relaxation music 3 часа назад
Five stars! For you who are reading this comment, I wish you success, health and happiness. Kisses and hugs to everyone.
Anh Thu
Anh Thu 3 часа назад
Everything would be perfect if she stops chopping animals.
ibbx. xddi
ibbx. xddi 3 часа назад
love nikki diy
한태연 3 часа назад
泡菜是韩国的 不要随便决定,真不像话,你很可怜。
JLB Artworks
JLB Artworks 4 часа назад
Very creative. It's so beautiful 🥰
theresia p
theresia p 4 часа назад
this is my favorite channel
Bitoku Kato
Bitoku Kato 4 часа назад
Suzete A DESO
Suzete A DESO 4 часа назад
Perfeito, lindo demais, parabéns.......Brasil..
Lourdes Paula
Lourdes Paula 4 часа назад
Eu sou do BRASIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 ACHO LINDO O LUGAR TUA CASA ! AMO TUAS PLANTACOES E A SUA AVÓ " ❤️TBM. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Ebin Benny
Ebin Benny 5 часов назад
wong syap
wong syap 5 часов назад
Madalena Aparecida
Madalena Aparecida 5 часов назад
Que cenário encantador! Amei o enfeite de cabelo! Que paciência para fazê- lo!👏👏👏👏👏 PARABÉNS!
Svetlana Ber
Svetlana Ber 5 часов назад
Princess! it was delicious. a crown of flowers is a masterpiece! thanks for the happy moments! Bravo🌹🌹🌹
田中房枝 5 часов назад
yoyo alqayssi
yoyo alqayssi 5 часов назад
PP 5 часов назад
her stuff is getting more and more ridiculous all the time, its time for her film crew just replace her and everything with CGI
Derek 2 часа назад
sour grape,dude
LynXO 5 часов назад
I love her :) She's just so amaziinnngg.
더니사 5 часов назад
She is stunning 🤩 a real modern princess ❤️🌸
Khedidja Hadadj
Khedidja Hadadj 6 часов назад
I love you and enjoy watching your useful, beautiful and upscale videos that look like they're from great Chinese history, Exactly in this video, you were as wonderful as a legendary Chinese princess. I love you and I'm eager to see more of you, and I hope to visit these places that made me fall in love with it,thank you 😍
jing zhao
jing zhao 6 часов назад
Anna Sulistyowati
Anna Sulistyowati 6 часов назад
Beautifull princess...
Lynn Liu
Lynn Liu 6 часов назад
you are amazing 👏❤girl 👧💖❤
يحيى هلال
يحيى هلال 6 часов назад
Toitesting 6 часов назад
these video are the best therapy
Nyi RoroKidul
Nyi RoroKidul 6 часов назад
Kenali lah Tuhan yang maha kuasa yang menciptakan diri dan seluruh isi dari alam ini,maka kau akan lebih bahagia,,,,siapa pun dirimu
Jeny Maw
Jeny Maw 7 часов назад
Discovery World - Khám Phá Thế Giới
Discovery World - Khám Phá Thế Giới 7 часов назад
Хорошая девушка, красивая и милая
Nana 7 часов назад
better without music
Shahla Salah
Shahla Salah 7 часов назад
Nana 7 часов назад
ure so rich
{ young forever}
{ young forever} 7 часов назад
The most relaxed life 🙂
TheRingingCedar 7 часов назад
The Chinese should declare Liziqi a National Treasure. Beyond cultures, she is the epitome of an Earth Steward, Guardian and Protectress of Nature Craft.
Oksana Bulavina
Oksana Bulavina 7 часов назад
удивительная девушка!
Aradhana 7 часов назад
Is there anything she doesn’t know?. Me: who is impressed by everything she does and wanna become like her, but at the same time me watching this video at 3 at night.
Amini Dwi Puspita Sari
Amini Dwi Puspita Sari 7 часов назад
Please heter, if you dont like. Dont see. Dont make my inspiration down. Problem about same cultur and claim you must see historical, dont jugje sipil people.
한나HannahTV 7 часов назад
당신의 비디오는 유니크 합니다
Amini Dwi Puspita Sari
Amini Dwi Puspita Sari 7 часов назад
Why so many dislike ? i think this video better like before video. Dont sad miss liziqi.
Harmony1516 7 часов назад
If you want download this video... Just add 10- or 100 between www. and youtube And then click Enter Example: or These are the download links which the video that you want
تبارك الله احسن الخالقين ام البنين
تبارك الله احسن الخالقين ام البنين 7 часов назад
I love you so much your video is amazing and you are such awork hard weman
Chinese to Arabic
Chinese to Arabic 8 часов назад
Yee's Vlog
Yee's Vlog 8 часов назад
I just cannot help noticing how clean her gloves are. 12:29
邹Leon 8 часов назад
A Chinese girl talk about Chinese culture.李子柒,Chinese characters. through this video, you can see, Asian is not viruses, they are beautiful and skillful, especially kind and friend. So please stop Asian hate, from you and your family.
kun Seo
kun Seo 8 часов назад
Jo Jo likes Apples Rebecca is an animator
Jo Jo likes Apples Rebecca is an animator 8 часов назад
I’m moving there right now I’m packing my things
Pluto 8 часов назад
Yudee Saetang
Yudee Saetang 8 часов назад
One thing I love most in all Liziqi clips is her grandmother's smile. That smile reminds me of my grandmother. I pray to god for her grandmother's happiness, good fortune, good health, and long living.
yeyo 8 часов назад
This woman is so beautiful 😻 and she’s a artist aswel
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