Kings Of Leon - The Bandit (Official Video)

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Kings of Leon // When You See Yourself // The New Album Available March 5
Feat. "The Bandit" & "100,000 People" // Listen:
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Director: Casey McGrath & Robert Smyth
Cinematographer: Janusz Kaminski & Nyk Allen
Editor: Adam Zuckerman
Color: Tom Poole @ Company 3
Creative agency: Night After Night
Production Company:
Producer: Jennifer Ansell
Hair & Makeup: Marwa Bashir
Wardrobe: Jessica Windsor
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The Bandit
Chiseled their names in stone
Heavy the load you tow
And the red horse is always close
And the fire don't burn below

200 miles to clear
Chasing a sound I hear
When the call brings them all to tears
And the hopes they all turn to fears

And they're walking around
With their heads in the cloud screaming
Must catch the bandit
Reckless abandon
Rundown and stranded
Must catch the bandit

Tracks in the dirt for days
Sniff out the fire ablaze
And the red door, it seems to sway
And it carries a heavy weight

And they're walking around
With their heads in the cloud screaming
Must catch the bandit
Reckless abandon
Rundown and stranded
Must catch the bandit

And they're walking around
With their heads in the cloud screaming
Must catch the bandit
Reckless abandon
Rundown and stranded
Must catch the bandit
#KingsOfLeon #WhenYouSeeYourself #TheBandit

Rosaria Maria Ticozzi
Rosaria Maria Ticozzi Час назад
La voce del cantante mi ricorda Peter Gabriel
Annarita Di Lella
Annarita Di Lella 4 часа назад
Danny Delegato
Danny Delegato 7 часов назад
chorus anthem
Ian Bourne
Ian Bourne 17 часов назад
Amaze-balls 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟
GonzBry 17 часов назад
Love the bass line
Skeeba TV
Skeeba TV 17 часов назад
Just Epic .. It's been a while :)
Phil O
Phil O 21 час назад
they do what they do, WELL--but not original enough--sounds like U2--if their lyrics resound in the minds of the likers of this group, well then, GOOD
Sunrise2076 22 часа назад
Meh, middle of the road 90s sound. Does nothing for me.
Ricky Crawford
Ricky Crawford День назад
Sounding very much like one of my favourite bands.... (INTERPOL) especially the song called ‘everything is wrong’
boro_bvb День назад
Если будет концерт в России, то сделаю все возможное, чтобы попасть на него
Jonathan B
Jonathan B День назад
Heard this on KUTX today. WOW lads!
jon lavezza
jon lavezza День назад
This is the song of 2021 calling it now
paul gingell
paul gingell День назад
Kings of leon Been around a long time but music is very good quality ..
paul gingell
paul gingell День назад
Classic kings of leon again.. .. ..
Allan Brandt
Allan Brandt День назад
Great music!!
Mahdere Workneh
Mahdere Workneh 2 дня назад
if not already, this is going to be classic rock some day
C R 2 дня назад
Oh that is a nice bass tone I must say.
AlphaDogX25 2 дня назад
lorraine lawless
lorraine lawless 2 дня назад
its raining its pouring i think ill go exploring.
raymond naranjo
raymond naranjo 2 дня назад
Fuck Yeah 🙌
Random User
Random User 2 дня назад
Conducting an experiment to test whether it's possible to listen to this song just once at a time. No sucsses in achieving that goal so far. Log#26.
Brazilian in 5
Brazilian in 5 2 дня назад
Great comeback!
Denise Santos
Denise Santos 3 дня назад
Yesssss my favorite band is back wow
Tomasz Bereźnicki
Tomasz Bereźnicki 3 дня назад
They are back in form after 10 years... I hope so.
Frederik De Keyser
Frederik De Keyser 3 дня назад
This song brings light to dark times! One of my favorite Kings of leon songs
Stacy Beers
Stacy Beers 3 дня назад
LOVE this song! And KOL!
JohnnyT189 3 дня назад
So glad to here new music for my favorite band. This is like there old stuff just a little refreshing I love it.
Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart 3 дня назад
Wild hearing a synthesizer in a KoL song.
Tristan Vilallon
Tristan Vilallon 3 дня назад
For me they are the male version of the corrs and the beatles of this millenium
Juan Leon
Juan Leon 3 дня назад
Triangle over eye such a celeb thing to do
The Groove Sessions Show
The Groove Sessions Show 4 дня назад
We just covered this tune!! :)
Jessie Albright
Jessie Albright 4 дня назад
💋✋ black n white
Jessie Albright
Jessie Albright 4 дня назад
💋✋🤙run away with my heart.
Сергей Иванченко
Сергей Иванченко 4 дня назад
this is just perfect
Tom keifer Shatsang
Tom keifer Shatsang 4 дня назад
The guitars are savage here . . . Damn the sound Ever so energetic n raw
KoOL bEAnZ 4 дня назад
my mom found music stations on cable tv and this was under adult alt. wtf is adult alt. how is it different than normal alt.?
Leshaun Jenkins
Leshaun Jenkins 4 дня назад
I can't wait to buy the album! march 5 2021...
Karen Vieira
Karen Vieira 4 дня назад
Hollagrl0999 4 дня назад
During these tough times, this song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..💕
M. 2018
M. 2018 3 дня назад
You too! 👍 👍 👍 👍
reilly morgen
reilly morgen 4 дня назад
I love their music so much.
Scott Boyd
Scott Boyd 4 дня назад
Love it.
Tommy Crumlish
Tommy Crumlish 4 дня назад
Finally the boys getting back to their roots- TUNE.......
Alex E
Alex E 5 дней назад
Best new song I've heard in a while.
Cristina Coro
Cristina Coro 5 дней назад
Terryl Omilgoituk
Terryl Omilgoituk 5 дней назад
Truly one of my favorite bands of all time!!!
Michael L.
Michael L. 5 дней назад
awesome song! 💕 the Kings are still great!
I_B_CoCo 5 дней назад
The 'kiddies' might not immediately hear it, but I definitely get crossing vibes of U2's "New Years Day" and Flock of Seagulls' "Space Age Love Song" with this one, which KOL are huge fans of. Nice track either way.
Amro Hindi
Amro Hindi 6 дней назад
Im in love with this masterpiece ❤️🖤
philip morris
philip morris 6 дней назад
Used to be such a great band but this sounds a bit pedestrian to me, not helped by the most boring, rudimentary drumming which I can't believe is Nathan followill, maybe one of his brothers snuck behind his kit, or maybe one of his kids, either way he shouldn't have let it happen, be mixed and let loose on the public, sorry to who think that they're back to their best, they're not, if this is anything to go by 😐
Jen’s Violin Worship
Jen’s Violin Worship 6 дней назад
Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the kingdom of Heaven is near. Matthew 3:2 Jesus loves you❤️ Never give up on your life!! 🙏🏼
Rebecca Pridgen
Rebecca Pridgen 6 дней назад
TEARS! I've been waiting for a new album.
ByEmi8 6 дней назад
I love you guys
Farrell Lobo
Farrell Lobo 6 дней назад
Regards from bombay India 👍 stay in guys. ... Lots of love ❤️ playing the solo here ..
Thom Hyde
Thom Hyde 6 дней назад
Los acabo de escuchar en la mtv :"3
corbin rugely
corbin rugely 6 дней назад
Lucas D' Bruno Ancini
Lucas D' Bruno Ancini 6 дней назад
New Order - Regret
skoczek231 6 дней назад
Similar like Foo Fighters Everlong.
Sergey Kovtun
Sergey Kovtun 7 дней назад
Just perfect
Daniel W.
Daniel W. 7 дней назад
What a beautiful song
cal snow
cal snow 7 дней назад
Nathan looks like Bucky from Winter Solder
Chadwick Rider
Chadwick Rider 7 дней назад
Fuck Yes!!! Comeback Story came out when I was down on my luck and helped me rebound. Muchacho came out after I lost someone close to me and helped me rebound. Can't wait for new music from Kings
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson 7 дней назад
Certified KOL banger
Mikab 7 дней назад
This could fit perfectly on Come Around Sundown
Susy Anne
Susy Anne 7 дней назад
Bellissima ❤️ beautiful song 😍🙏👏
Sameh Soubjaki
Sameh Soubjaki 8 дней назад
Fuck i love this song . Kings of leon
James Graham
James Graham 8 дней назад
Good song. Well amazing song. I’d like to know who are walking around with their heads in the clouds?
Gláucia Dâmaris
Gláucia Dâmaris 8 дней назад
Eu amo uma bandaaaaaaaa AAAAAAAA 🖤🇧🇷
Fabian Sackl
Fabian Sackl 8 дней назад
This feels so good.
Graham Winterfield
Graham Winterfield 8 дней назад
I’m friends with the drummers god son
Lipglock 9 дней назад
I dont know how to explain but there’re bands that feels like your family. Their music goes through the years with you, and it gives you such a warmth in heart when you hear it, it feels like family and home. KOL is one of such bands to me.
Angel Torres
Angel Torres 9 дней назад
TO THE ACTUAL KINGS OF LEON im a big fan I'm much like you in many ways. But anyway I was thinking maybe if you can help me out and maybe do this exact same kind of shot and play "Trani". Please. As a live tease since some of us are stranded in the house. I'm sure many fans would love it. PLEASE LIKE COMMENT TO VOTE FOR IT.
Miguel Ortiz
Miguel Ortiz 9 дней назад
The bassline and the video remind me of the first video of Mr. Brightside.
karmakameleon113 9 дней назад
This goes back to their 2010 sound. I love it! I feel like they've found where they're comfortable. So glad ma boys are back!
Pat Taylor
Pat Taylor 9 дней назад
This actually just became my favorite Kings of Leon song!
Mr.nicholas 9 дней назад
Who was here before the radio plays this 19 times a day ? .🙂🙂
Diego Cruz
Diego Cruz 9 дней назад
No doubt, Kings of Leon is in the Hall of Rock'n Roll History. But sometimes, the video director's travells a lot... Jus the band and his awesome sound to save a director's cut...
new glory days
new glory days 10 дней назад
Do a compilation album.
TOKIO TV 10 дней назад
Kings of Leon was my adolescence, thanks for so much ❤️
Dan Ross
Dan Ross 10 дней назад
Man Kings are Legends still Rocking out during a global pandemic. Seen them twice live and they were the best shows I've ever been too. Pre-ordered the digital album, physical album, and t-shirt. Lol they will forever and always be my favorite band of all time! Got me through some crazy times! Rock on!
Alexander AR
Alexander AR 10 дней назад
yeah... theyre bad ass
Leah Reeves
Leah Reeves 10 дней назад
If there is an afterlife I want his voice to be the soundtrack 🙌🏼
Mohamed Amine Araibia
Mohamed Amine Araibia 11 дней назад
What's the best words to describe this song , its unique , its touch deeply in passion patience hope love and luck
WHY 11 дней назад
They are back and solid.
Two Cents
Two Cents 11 дней назад
just curious.. do you guys like the bandit or echoing better? both are good, but which one would you put on repeat.
LORD 2 дня назад
bandit definetly
spencer dukes
spencer dukes 11 дней назад
The best band in the world right here ladies and gentlemen
Radio Music 24
Radio Music 24 11 дней назад
Kings of Leon's number ONE
STATE OF BLITZ 11 дней назад
Anyone else think this song is about US politics? Could be wrong 🤷‍♂️
T G 9 дней назад
Did he mention Sleepy Joe ?
Clayton Anderson
Clayton Anderson 11 дней назад
The Kings of Leon sound I remember long ago is back! Even though its new, it has that 2000's indie rock vibe I loved coming out of high school. Incredible track.
Roberto Tafoya Gonzalez
Roberto Tafoya Gonzalez 11 дней назад
Creo que KLO sorprenderá de nueva cuenta, buena rola, creo que el bandido se llama covid
Yeiker Rodriguez
Yeiker Rodriguez 11 дней назад
Siempre fieles 🌺💯🔥☄️
Alam Pastor
Alam Pastor 11 дней назад
just an explanation: it´s kings of leon
Herland JS
Herland JS 11 дней назад
Por algún motivo me recuerda al buen y viejo rock argentino
vincent brannelly
vincent brannelly 11 дней назад
Drumming lets this down . Too busy .
Anthony Colucci
Anthony Colucci 12 дней назад
If you like freedom of expression left wing democratic fascist have just acted on suppressing it threw censorship!Would you censor your love of this band?Guess what!We are doing it now!Vote for freedom.Vote Republican.
Benj lieblingsvideos
Benj lieblingsvideos 12 дней назад
Great 👏
francesca sacilotto
francesca sacilotto 12 дней назад
I want sleep in the water in silence maked by cold guitars
Tomasz Trachta
Tomasz Trachta 12 дней назад
Been KOL's fan for years, this song came out just month ago and it's my favourite one.. this album will be EPIC! 🤩
Gerardo Garrido
Gerardo Garrido 12 дней назад
Someone noticed that Jared isn't playing with his Gibson Thunderbird bass, and he's playing with a jazz bass. 😱
Elsy Blake
Elsy Blake 12 дней назад
Okaay,, está es mi favorita!! 🖤 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
POLO Gang 12 дней назад
Willian Tx
Willian Tx 12 дней назад
Amazing ~~~~ song (one of the best band now/2021) ! The best
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