"Follow Me" [VERSION B] FNAF Minecraft Animated Music Video (Song by TryHardNinja)

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3 дня назад

Thanks for watching "Follow Me" [VERSION B] FNAF Minecraft Animated Music Video (Song by TryHardNinja)
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🎬 Video Credits:

--- Director ---
Seth Belanger
--- Executive Producer --
Zach Belanger
--- Writers ---
Seth Belanger
Zach Belanger
--- Layout ---
Seth Belanger
--- Animation ---
Zachary Preciado
Micah Preciado
--- Assets and Rigs --
Seth Belanger
Seth Jones
Alex Harvey
Zachary Preciado
Micah Preciado
--- Final Layout ---
Seth Belanger
Zachary Preciado
Micah Preciado
--- Lighting and Dynamics ---
Seth Belanger
Zachary Preciado
Micah Preciado
Evan Robinson
--- Compositing Artist ---
Seth Belanger
--- Editing ---
Seth Belanger
Produced at EnchantedMob Studios in St. Louis, MO.
ZAMination Twitter: zaminationyt
Micah’s Twitter: ZAMinationYT
Zachary’s Twitter: ZaminationZ
Instagram: zamination
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Dragon Best
Dragon Best 6 минут назад
Who that up there 2:12
Quentin Dickerson
Quentin Dickerson 34 минуты назад
Springtrap is William Aston
Galaxy ikonik
Galaxy ikonik 39 минут назад
Did he kill the gurl or....
setille 39 минут назад
Alfredo Nuñez
Alfredo Nuñez 48 минут назад
Alfredo Nuñez
Alfredo Nuñez 47 минут назад
Estoy chidos tus vídeos
Alfredo Nuñez
Alfredo Nuñez 50 минут назад
Alfredo Nuñez
Alfredo Nuñez 47 минут назад
Officer Furr
Officer Furr 58 минут назад
Amazing work but there has been to much fnaf maybe try more undertale i just giving a suggestion cause there is so much fnaf not that it is a problem and maybe try different games example: Undertale (too little) Prototype 1 & 2 (none) ......... there is so much more than fnaf but please dont take this as rude cause Im a 14 year old that has so many problems, pills and other things and i also love your animations so please dont stop with this and make many people proud and remember the best times of 21st century and stay who you are and dont change not matter what other say because your a amazing person even after all the bad you have done have been forgiven by all your good deeds and have a lovely day/night bye😢😣😡😢😇😄😳😢😢😢😢
The Randomizer 12
The Randomizer 12 Час назад
MR Pcola870
MR Pcola870 Час назад
2:11 at the top of the eye
Carolina San Pablo San
Carolina San Pablo San Час назад
Springtrap vs security
M1z4rts Час назад
Snake Chef
Snake Chef Час назад
Does anybody remember the old follow me series?
ангелина мамедова
ангелина мамедова Час назад
ангелина мамедова
ангелина мамедова Час назад
ангелина мамедова
ангелина мамедова Час назад
Zero star bb13 ZWN
Zero star bb13 ZWN Час назад
Why was pig patch there
ROTTER Майнкрафтер
ROTTER Майнкрафтер Час назад
Go animation fnaf Setyrity Breach
Angel rolando Villalobos Mendoza
Angel rolando Villalobos Mendoza 2 часа назад
WTF hay dos iguales pero con diferentes finales la 2 el investigador muere ahogado en esta Springtraf muere electrocutado en el rio
Лионель Месси
Лионель Месси 2 часа назад
You Top :))))
rarecoolsoccer 2 часа назад
Who saw those eyes in 2:12
rayan gaming
rayan gaming 2 часа назад
bow that was a hard spear
Teresa Toro
Teresa Toro 2 часа назад
Me encanta estas musicas la escucho to el dia ami mama se enoja
michael frisque
michael frisque 2 часа назад
me and my sis love this song
Sonic Fan
Sonic Fan 2 часа назад
Anyone notice the eyes on top of the ceiling
Alexander phillips
Alexander phillips 2 часа назад
Who TV are these animated nice? What can game is this?
Alexander phillips
Alexander phillips 2 часа назад
Sorry auto correct. I was asking which fan game this is
TheGameFreak 2 часа назад
Wow you did good
Lebαkeᖙbeαn 2 часа назад
Christopher Nieves
Christopher Nieves 3 часа назад
Didn't you notice that William was something else with a chica 1:53 / 4:17
I am spider Yeet er
I am spider Yeet er 3 часа назад
If it fnaf 1? Love it if I’m right! 😃
Tabari Pierce- Morris
Tabari Pierce- Morris 3 часа назад
i liked when springtrap got zaped in the water
hacker shawn Rodriguez
hacker shawn Rodriguez 3 часа назад
ZAMINATION I love you can you plz put sound effects so it can be cool for someone plz (click my logo to see my channel)
V E V T O R 3 часа назад
Afton just looks tired the whole time
Armando Valentin Ramirez
Armando Valentin Ramirez 3 часа назад
Que efectos chidos!!
Moldokiller 1234
Moldokiller 1234 4 часа назад
I hate the haters who hate zanimation
Kaka Almeida
Kaka Almeida 4 часа назад
Timati4bear 4 часа назад
Mmm... I think version А was better
Duke Lauw
Duke Lauw 4 часа назад
Hey so I have a couple of problems with the video... *I thought when spring trap ran to punch the guy there should have been more force that would trip him*3:18 *I thought that the physics in this were a little wacky when spring trap flouted in the water*3:29 *I thought the model of the spring trap was a tad bit weird with the eyes so far from the middle of the face* But overall the video has really cool and many things were great about this and yes I loved the part where spring trap fell in the water! Keep up the great work and I can not wait to see the next animation!
Dusty Controller
Dusty Controller 4 часа назад
The way he killed le childs was genuinely spine tingling
FR4VETE165 GAMER 4 часа назад
Bbbbbbbbbbb You name silas Brazil
Google Amazon
Google Amazon 4 часа назад
*-When you stay near to the vent in Among us:* 2:36
Lucas Komjati
Lucas Komjati 4 часа назад
Fillow me 2 ????
Anees Chughtai
Anees Chughtai 4 часа назад
Waiting for minecraft rewind :)
Gulaterski 4 часа назад
Wow nice
Vitalij Kuzmin
Vitalij Kuzmin 4 часа назад
Wow, so《 good》this song, again?!
ෆLØBØ GĄMĘR {rey del infierno}ෆ
ෆLØBØ GĄMĘR {rey del infierno}ෆ 4 часа назад
Alguien habla español
Doguinho Games
Doguinho Games 5 часов назад
This Song Is Very Good 👏🎧🎶
Tariq Al bdour
Tariq Al bdour 5 часов назад
That’s a strong freaking knife what’s what made out of adamantite???
JMLGamer 920
JMLGamer 920 5 часов назад
Purple guys knife is always there for him in times of trouble
Kaue Marlon Rodrigues Xavier
Kaue Marlon Rodrigues Xavier 5 часов назад
this is the best song you have created so far congratulations but there is one thing I did not understand in the song
Variant Reviews
Variant Reviews 5 часов назад
SpringTrap was like iron man in the two vids
sandra henriquez g
sandra henriquez g 5 часов назад
Logan Reinhardt
Logan Reinhardt 5 часов назад
i like this version better than the foxy song storyline version and version a
Артём Цветков
Артём Цветков 5 часов назад
😱 3:28
Артём Цветков
Артём Цветков 5 часов назад
Very nice very night
ScReams 5 часов назад
Version A=Spring trap detective suffocates Version B=Defective spring trap traps and kills
Jackson Reed
Jackson Reed 5 часов назад
Jackson Reed
Jackson Reed 5 часов назад
Hey zane me jackson your friend
Арт Страйк
Арт Страйк 5 часов назад
Как жаль их
rafa wibowo
rafa wibowo 5 часов назад
i have a serious question, is that henry or a detective. like if henry, reply if detective
rafa wibowo
rafa wibowo 5 часов назад
CrowBlox 5 часов назад
Sucks to be spring locked twice...
Maria Monica Mariado
Maria Monica Mariado 6 часов назад
Суэдаёшка QwQ
Суэдаёшка QwQ 6 часов назад
Why animatronics so strange before they looks better
Emiel Ravelingien
Emiel Ravelingien 6 часов назад
I like your music videos
Ali jibrail Ahmed
Ali jibrail Ahmed 6 часов назад
The lighting and the movements and the 69
FuntimeFreddy XGamer89
FuntimeFreddy XGamer89 6 часов назад
Hey Zach. Should i use your animation. Im using this animation and put it with sfx. Ill credit your channel
Brandi Frazier
Brandi Frazier 6 часов назад
I love it
Golden killer
Golden killer 6 часов назад
So much blood that niiiiiiiiiiiiccccccceeee
Crystal Path
Crystal Path 6 часов назад
This water and Springtrap details is perfect!
Victor Sonic
Victor Sonic 6 часов назад
Victor Sonic
Victor Sonic 6 часов назад
Soundwave- Superior
Soundwave- Superior 6 часов назад
William Afton: Returns as SpringTrap Water: How many times do we have to teach this lesson, old man?
Mr. oofAY
Mr. oofAY 6 часов назад
Also I like william actually looks like a psycho instead of a person who kills kids
Jerry Panda
Jerry Panda 7 часов назад
For something(
Martin RBLX • 78 Years ago
Martin RBLX • 78 Years ago 7 часов назад
Petition For a new series again pls , just reply , I'm not begging for like. My real comment : This is better than the first one and its like more 3d and animated , I also like the look of afton and the kids and that police guy (idk if hes Herny or not ) , its also epic and the way afton mock the childrens are good thats all , 100/10 rating.
Alezandro Cayle Betita
Alezandro Cayle Betita 7 часов назад
Ennard: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SOMEONE IS GONNA DESTROY ME!!!! Springtrap: Oh hi Ennard Ennard: Phew it's just- YOUR THE ONE WHO KILLED ME Springtrap: RUN!!!!!!!!!!!
ReoCraft 7 часов назад
Adriel Palma
Adriel Palma 7 часов назад
RazerFire 7 часов назад
springtrap/william past: hehe time to kill those kids springtrap/william now: god fuck my life
Kazuka68 YT
Kazuka68 YT 7 часов назад
So much emotion and drama, I love it
Delvino Stikmin
Delvino Stikmin 8 часов назад
Phew whose that guy anways? Weard or thats a big crime :/
Youssif Sallam
Youssif Sallam 8 часов назад
I kinda like the new design for sprintrap
denni XD
denni XD 8 часов назад
Very god song
SlurpyGamer 06
SlurpyGamer 06 8 часов назад
OMG Zamination. Just breath taking. Plus am I the only one who realised that this is the Fnaf Security Breach mall. I noticed due to the kitchen layout. Either way. Amazing job man. Love it.
Dan Levinte
Dan Levinte 8 часов назад
Version B is more better
orca21 8 часов назад
detective: **votes springtrap** Springtrap was the Impostor.
World Ender
World Ender 9 часов назад
if you wear pants showing the pockets bec they are so short then you need to die
andria chkadua
andria chkadua 9 часов назад
NONI 2:57
Gretel D'souza
Gretel D'souza 9 часов назад
Will someone please explain the reason for killing the kids in the first place was it something against the parents or was he just being an idiot?
Рысь Хасянзянов
Рысь Хасянзянов 9 часов назад
Follow me +1 kill😂😂😂
Sumi Abood
Sumi Abood 9 часов назад
zamination your animation are the best and for fnaf so you should change the name of the channel into fnanimation
Kyree Wuttunee
Kyree Wuttunee 9 часов назад
Who likes this animation 👍
Airene Camarillo
Airene Camarillo 9 часов назад
Night guard punches spring trap and ochh :pain Spingtarp: hahah I am metal you are flesh and I well kill you
DJ_girl peep
DJ_girl peep 9 часов назад
Remember the older version when the ending where william gets spring locked
RedFire Gamer
RedFire Gamer Час назад
Better spring trapped
Airene Camarillo
Airene Camarillo 9 часов назад
No daylight sensor omg zamination
Airene Camarillo
Airene Camarillo 9 часов назад
Thanks for making the follow me new version I like the video thanks so much 😇😇😇😷😷😷😷
Airene Camarillo
Airene Camarillo 9 часов назад
The new ones are this know not the old ones
Airene Camarillo
Airene Camarillo 9 часов назад
Airene Camarillo
Airene Camarillo 9 часов назад
60 years ago and this happened
Bandar Fggvf
Bandar Fggvf 9 часов назад
Is afton racist he stabbed the black kid first
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