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2020 is coming to an end, so we put together a collection of the best pranks of the year! Enjoy!
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Law День назад
Girls: I bet he's cheating on me! Me and the boys on the bathroom: 1:29
spiral1 День назад
Perde Tempo
Perde Tempo 2 дня назад
6:13 hey,bro...Happy Halloween
Melodie Pareja
Melodie Pareja 5 дней назад
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Simon Picard
Simon Picard 6 дней назад
7:02 the filming guy reaction WTF XD
The best is yet to come
The best is yet to come 6 дней назад
4:23 “ He says he has a uterus but he’s testing my intelligence.” 🤣🤣🤣
Colten smith
Colten smith 7 дней назад
i cant with the fishy ballls ahahahahaha
Freedom Fighter14
Freedom Fighter14 7 дней назад
0:58 back fire......daaaaaaaamn
frank hinstine
frank hinstine 7 дней назад
Turned off after first clip, if this is your idea of humour you can stuff it!
Matilda Friesen
Matilda Friesen 8 дней назад
1:50 is just the best way a kid could do that without getting in trouble
Paras Singh
Paras Singh 8 дней назад
Flower bridge y'all
Alex 9 дней назад
The first one is too far
Diego Salazar
Diego Salazar 9 дней назад
5:44, When I saw the screen change I thought OH HELL NO. But at the same time, it was brilliant.
coolio xerxes
coolio xerxes 10 дней назад
Can we all agree that the puzzle 'prank' was just straight up mean
Yehudis Tarkieltaub
Yehudis Tarkieltaub День назад
My thought exactly
TheDreamer 10 дней назад
What is the flower and bridge in chinese Translator: *F**k you*
Jerwin Sison
Jerwin Sison 10 дней назад
4:14 who are they? Are they twins?
Xango Guine
Xango Guine 10 дней назад
6:00 🤣🤣🤣
Nanthawat Kridakorn
Nanthawat Kridakorn 11 дней назад
That jigsaw puzzle is basically 2020 in a nutshell.
Misiulo 12 дней назад
This compilation is shit.
Nisse Svensén
Nisse Svensén 14 дней назад
Заходим хотя бы 1 раз в 3 дня иначе удалю и не потому что я злая, а потому что когда участники редко заходят, то активность альянса NEMESIS SPARTA падает и все мы получаем меньше призов ...
Coral Jane
Coral Jane 14 дней назад
OMG I creased over. LMAO throughout then the dude in his blue flanno PJ pants dragged through the spill on the floor at 8:37 ..hahahaha omg i'm in tears
Rkl Koszar
Rkl Koszar 15 дней назад
You are also on Facebook
niels glasbergen
niels glasbergen 15 дней назад
10:53 thats not funny, if a guy is gaming let him game
Maxy 1 TV
Maxy 1 TV 17 дней назад
Humor in the house
ar S.e.a
ar S.e.a 17 дней назад
Just a Plumber
Just a Plumber 18 дней назад
3:45 We just gonna act like buddy didn't bomb video chat 4 times in 1 session?
Mit Patel
Mit Patel 20 дней назад
I did the same puzzle (at the beginning of the video) with my friend and we lost the final piece. Tragic times
himdafe jimiqdo
himdafe jimiqdo 20 дней назад
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shiya s
shiya s 21 день назад
why do u call these stuff pranks
Ray Adams
Ray Adams 21 день назад
You already posted all of these
David 21 день назад
Stupid setups not pranks 1:58 2:51 3:05 6:01 6:51
Grace marrie
Grace marrie 22 дня назад
The second goose holoprosencephaly refuse because newsstand presently head pace a utopian afterthought. aggressive, bouncy peer-to-peer
Grace marrie
Grace marrie 22 дня назад
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GeRmOnIc x
GeRmOnIc x 24 дня назад
6:14 what's better than this, guys bein dudes what an absolute legend
Mr Phsyco
Mr Phsyco 24 дня назад
1:16 why is she in the men’s bathroom?
Mr Phsyco
Mr Phsyco 23 дня назад
@Elmer Gloo I mean that kinda makes sense in the clip, he asked if she’s a chick and still was friendly
Elmer Gloo
Elmer Gloo 23 дня назад
To prove that men are friendlier than women lol
Animuz 24 дня назад
Wish the lady had just punched him so we didn't have to hear the whole wing joke.
MythicalGod909 24 дня назад
7:38: the yeetz
Sharyl Florette
Sharyl Florette 25 дней назад
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Chong 25 дней назад
I lost it with the brake check 😂😂😂
Alejandra Stoverphan
Alejandra Stoverphan 25 дней назад
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Blank 27 дней назад
0:20 this guy looks like drake
DR - 07CJ 754083 Royal Orchard MS
DR - 07CJ 754083 Royal Orchard MS 28 дней назад
11:12 wife i wanna a divores
RaNdOm clips
RaNdOm clips 29 дней назад
7:07 these guys are egyptian, just like me 🙂
Charles Wright
Charles Wright 29 дней назад
Laurent de backer
Laurent de backer Месяц назад
11:23 What does she say? 😂
Nilesh More
Nilesh More Месяц назад
Moneer Kutt
Moneer Kutt Месяц назад
That brake check at 9:35 killed me 😂😂
Hayley Anderson
Hayley Anderson Месяц назад
That freaking laptop one scared me well the noise did
331SVTCobra Месяц назад
Linda H
Linda H Месяц назад
Fack yo
Moses Manaka
Moses Manaka Месяц назад
Women's sense of humor is a lot different to men's.
thediddymen Месяц назад
I actually stood up and applauded the very first one !!
Vilma Lester
Vilma Lester Месяц назад
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Urnd Fdj
Urnd Fdj Месяц назад
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Eddie Месяц назад
Preysal Xtreme Riders
Preysal Xtreme Riders Месяц назад
PathFinder 101 Mycelium
PathFinder 101 Mycelium Месяц назад
Ello poppet
Ornella Breschi
Ornella Breschi Месяц назад
Havoc1001 Месяц назад
just rename this video.....The Dumbest shit of 2020.
Janhalb Месяц назад
No 1. - it's not a prank, it's just being a dick…
Helbert737 Месяц назад
0:58 "You picked the wrong guy, fool!" 🤣🤣🤣
Wesley Gray
Wesley Gray Месяц назад
Damnit, Tony.
Reiko Mikami
Reiko Mikami Месяц назад
10:39 when you almost defeat Valkyrie Singrun on Gimme God of War
Speeddemon3 Месяц назад
5:54, what a good sport!!
_Apr!lF00lz_ :v
_Apr!lF00lz_ :v Месяц назад
the flower bridge prank one wasn't traditional chinese, it was cantonese
X-Gamer Месяц назад
First video wasn't a prank at all, just the guy being a complete dick. Usually pranks have some kind of payoff, but what's the payoff here? His girlfriend getting mad? Well enjoy the months of not getting laid, dude.
Brandon Fineday
Brandon Fineday Месяц назад
Brandon Fineday
Brandon Fineday Месяц назад
wac tonieja
wac tonieja Месяц назад
1:15 xD
Liam Welsh
Liam Welsh Месяц назад
The puzzle one is just mean.
Dan P
Dan P Месяц назад
:20 That has got to be the lamest prank I've ever seen. How it made it onto a "best of video" is beyond me.
Flapzzy The Legend
Flapzzy The Legend Месяц назад
So much bepp
Conor Hanson
Conor Hanson Месяц назад
So many fakes
Mostafa osama
Mostafa osama Месяц назад
7:18 اخواتى
Джейк Месяц назад
11:35 we're all a bit of this man.
Джейк Месяц назад
11:06 it's severe paaain
Джейк Месяц назад
3:54 It's your friend when you're busy.
Mafer Mueses
Mafer Mueses Месяц назад
KFCCrispyLips Месяц назад
Frank Lin
Frank Lin Месяц назад
1:16 Anyone notice that she is in the mens bathroom. 😨😨😨😨
Real World
Real World Месяц назад
Me: m*Died* Reason: because if laughter What doctors think:I think its a new virus 😂😂😂
Jisoo Nguyen
Jisoo Nguyen Месяц назад
The sharp speedboat fittingly press because tub ultrascructurally tempt under a yellow aluminum. obtainable, abstracted shorts
Cláudio Cumbula
Cláudio Cumbula Месяц назад
Brake check 🤣🤣🤣
Armandtan Kent
Armandtan Kent Месяц назад
Tony was a prick
Aiden Cook
Aiden Cook Месяц назад
3:07 what if he doesn't wake up
Grim Shadow 2.0
Grim Shadow 2.0 Месяц назад
The other pranks are ok but the others no..I mean that puzzle part was hard and that part of playing video games that you about to win it's not a good idea
Nick Halden
Nick Halden Месяц назад
11:10 this is not a prank, it's just mean.
Amadeu Resende
Amadeu Resende Месяц назад
giorgie park
giorgie park Месяц назад
It's not funny at all. There are a lot of violence, unkind people,... I don't want to laugh in a world like that...
Snow Bear
Snow Bear Месяц назад
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Месяц назад
cleaning the floor. epic
Tommy Tindall
Tommy Tindall Месяц назад
That first one is not a prank, that's just plain mean. lol
Trevor Dennis
Trevor Dennis Месяц назад
Some of the funniest laugh out loud pranks I've ever seen, and lost were completely new to me.
Kristopher Leffingwell
Kristopher Leffingwell Месяц назад
9:34 LMAO
fishy simp
fishy simp Месяц назад
carter benzon
carter benzon Месяц назад
At 2:37 the guys look like Trevor Lawrence and Patrick mahomes
origynally Месяц назад
Half of those people deserve to be euthanized...
Fred Schriks
Fred Schriks Месяц назад
Alot of relationships have ended in lockdown.
Michael N
Michael N Месяц назад
the same vids again and again
Oliver Wagner
Oliver Wagner Месяц назад
yes i hate people too
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