Ava Max - My Head & My Heart [Official Music Video]

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Ava Max

Месяц назад

"My Head & My Heart" Available Now
Download/Stream: AvaMax.lnk.to/MyHeadMyHeartID
Director: Cham La’Donna and Emil Nava
Executive Producer Kirsten Arongino
Head of Production Ryan Palmieri
Producer : Seth Levin
Choreography: Charm La'Donna
Director of Photography: Ross Richardson
Editor: Jen Kennedy
Colorist: Aubry Woodwiss
Beauty Work: Nick Gregorio
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Krzysztof Hutek
Krzysztof Hutek 10 минут назад
Poland ❤️❤️😍
Arseny Genadev
Arseny Genadev 13 минут назад
7/10 latina llama sloot
Валера 7
Валера 7 24 минуты назад
"Руки вверх"- сила. Классно перепела.
filip kasiarz
filip kasiarz 39 минут назад
WOW OMG!!❤🧡💛💚💙💜💘💝💔❣💟💕💞💓💗💖
david leca
david leca Час назад
I skim the heavens Love that part its like a purr
Anny Rohmann
Anny Rohmann Час назад
I love you 😘😘😘 La la la la la la la 😎🤗
Josh Vickers
Josh Vickers Час назад
Those big brown eyes
Akhilesh Kumar
Akhilesh Kumar Час назад
She's is not enough pretty but exposes more.😂😂
Λίνα Μοργκάνα
Λίνα Μοργκάνα 44 минуты назад
Leatile Bonang
Leatile Bonang Час назад
Cute but gay
Ko Joe
Ko Joe 2 часа назад
Keep it up girl because you be the greatest artist ever when you done
Gigi Lulu
Gigi Lulu 2 часа назад
“It’s not an original” y’all mf’s ever heard of a SAMPLE ?!? Half the music we listen to us sampled yall are just too young to notice most of them
çağlar karaca
çağlar karaca 2 часа назад
Avaaaaaaaaaaaaa Maxxxxxxxxxxxx
Pedro-Pablo Vicente I
Pedro-Pablo Vicente I 2 часа назад
Impossible not to falling in love with her; I recognize I fell in love with this stunning girl 😍👌🏻
Vergenea Calma
Vergenea Calma 3 часа назад
i love all song from ava max😍😍😍 love you ava😘
candy pops moonlight
candy pops moonlight 3 часа назад
Wow ava you are the sunlight of my day I watch this when I was sad and I was very happy after I watched this ❤❤❤✨✨✨
Monica Dayana Martinez Quispe
Monica Dayana Martinez Quispe 5 часов назад
Que hermosa es Ava max 😍😘💕💕💕
Sửu Văn
Sửu Văn 5 часов назад
so beautiful, come Vietnam Loving her
Rich Andrt
Rich Andrt 6 часов назад
Drop a tab and play it..your welcome lol
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen 7 часов назад
I LOVE how she sampled ATC song Around the world. It's like an awesome 2021 remix
Marco Ávila
Marco Ávila 7 часов назад
beautiful this song I love it ❤️
Trenton Patrick Chandler
Trenton Patrick Chandler 8 часов назад
Meneses Germán
Meneses Germán 8 часов назад
Tiene nombre de actriz porno, cara de Barbie fabricada y música que ni la voy a escuchar: He ahí mi comentario. He dicho!
chips 8 часов назад
POV: just chillen and looking at comments
xMeeli 9 часов назад
1:02 tell me si es o no 🙆🏼‍♀️🤣
Panashe Muvengwa
Panashe Muvengwa 10 часов назад
Hey baby ava max how are you I miss you so much..💙💙 for you
Panashe Muvengwa
Panashe Muvengwa 23 минуты назад
Come to me ava max
Jaytee 10 часов назад
Great talent, great looks , go Ava!
Cami BT
Cami BT 10 часов назад
Little monster apoyando a Ava!!!
Aymane Omari
Aymane Omari 10 часов назад
this is fucking amazing BRO she ATE THIS UP
Baz Baz
Baz Baz 11 часов назад
We waiting for "It's all around the world"
chiclure 11 часов назад
On dirais un jolie remix de Aqua: My oh My des années 90s avec quelque changement! 🤔 On dirais que il y des truque changé de my oh my pour la la lala et le son du début au lieu de utiliser du piano ils utilise un xylophone. Il se ressemble beaucoup dans le tempos! 😅🤷‍♂️
Dalel Halouani
Dalel Halouani 11 часов назад
Dalel Halouani
Dalel Halouani 11 часов назад
Felix Klapper
Felix Klapper 11 часов назад
supergeiler song remake
Ariella Harris
Ariella Harris 12 часов назад
Fuck this. This is a copy because she used the same beats in a song called here goes around the world and the song I said was made before this crap.
AvaMaxQueen4Life 12 часов назад
Yas Queen, Killed it like always
Salim Tagirov
Salim Tagirov 13 часов назад
Like 👍
Fun Fun
Fun Fun 13 часов назад
21 millions views
Luciana 13 часов назад
k 2049
k 2049 13 часов назад
This is so russian.
Gienj 13 часов назад
Наконец то хоть кто то спиздил у моргенштерна а не как он 🤣🤣🤣
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe 13 часов назад
👍 Britney 2.0 😁
Liana Wälte
Liana Wälte 14 часов назад
This is as good as the song it's sampled from, really catchy 🔥
Ádám Kiefáber
Ádám Kiefáber 14 часов назад
I'm listen every day x5 that so good music, and listen and listen: La la la la la!!
You are my idol,you are beautifol and suuuuper!La La la la la♪♫
Artem Avadani
Artem Avadani 14 часов назад
Damn she's gorgeous!
Gjovalin Marku
Gjovalin Marku 14 часов назад
Mira Emilia Sirviö
Mira Emilia Sirviö 14 часов назад
Voii että jumalainen, ei ainakaan mikään "Syyrian/Egyptin" pisin ja levein joka kärsii vähintään maailman pisimmästä pituudesta patologisesti.
Rae Gommer
Rae Gommer 14 часов назад
Can we talk bout how she can DANCE LIKE FRRRR
JujuChipmunk 15 часов назад
Her : I’ll explode like a dynamite Me : I like k pop to fun fact I’m Korean
Alina rom
Alina rom 15 часов назад
Segunda Lady Gaga? 😇
Klaudio Qosja
Klaudio Qosja 8 часов назад
Secunda Lady Gaga en version albanese 🇦🇱
Shezea Fontanilla
Shezea Fontanilla 15 часов назад
Rlly make old songs ✨New✨
Fardeen Hoque
Fardeen Hoque 16 часов назад
Kids under 15 the scenes in this music video is too sensitive lol. maybe you kids should close your eyes and listen to this song because it is still a banger.
KadyScar 17 часов назад
Absolute shit song
Tropro Troll
Tropro Troll 15 часов назад
Laura Steinsland
Laura Steinsland 17 часов назад
She's the real life Rapunzel
Clive Allen
Clive Allen 17 часов назад
Mirza Sadman
Mirza Sadman 17 часов назад
I just love that so much...🥰🥰🥰🥰
Amel Chender
Amel Chender 17 часов назад
La la la la la👽👽👽👽👽👽ava max stan👇🏻
Gabriela Stinga
Gabriela Stinga 17 часов назад
La la la la la~
Sidman 18 часов назад
Dishita Plays
Dishita Plays 18 часов назад
Louvement 18 часов назад
La La la la la
Erinique Mackey
Erinique Mackey 18 часов назад
beytullah üçkan
beytullah üçkan 18 часов назад
vice city
Erinique Mackey
Erinique Mackey 18 часов назад
Ava max pretty love this song very cool
Luk Rac
Luk Rac 19 часов назад
ATC - All Around The World (la la la la la la la la)
Олег Бабинцев
Олег Бабинцев 18 часов назад
Руки вверх - песенка (1998) - ORIGINAL ATC - Around the World (2000)
nana namuun
nana namuun 19 часов назад
Now good fucking amazing 🤩 Ava max. Really
pado kerra
pado kerra 19 часов назад
Let's see the fans Ava's Max: 👇
olufunke 19 часов назад
I sin this song at my home
Manuela Seidemann
Manuela Seidemann 19 часов назад
Das Lied ist cool
Mina Nur
Mina Nur 19 часов назад
ava max pervert
Berk 20 часов назад
Руки вверх - песенка (1998) - ORIGINAL ATC - Around the World (2000) beFour - Magic Melody (2007) Chris Webby - La la la (2009) Auburn ft. Iyaz - La la la (2010) The Disco Boys - Around the World (2012) Carolina Marquez ft. Flo Rida & Dale Saunders - Sing la la la (2013) Marin Monster ft. Maître Gims - Pour commencer (2014) Ava Max - My Head & My Heart (2020)
Rt 9099
Rt 9099 21 час назад
❤️she is beautiful
амалия контергейлс
амалия контергейлс 21 час назад
My favorite song😍💖
Katarzyna Kmieć
Katarzyna Kmieć 22 часа назад
Jestem zy polski
Katarzyna Kmieć
Katarzyna Kmieć 22 часа назад
Γιωργος Ευαγγελου
Γιωργος Ευαγγελου 22 часа назад
Is beautiful and I fantastic very good AVA MAX
Γιωργος Ευαγγελου
Γιωργος Ευαγγελου 22 часа назад
AVA max is beautiful and I fantastic 💙💙💙💜💜💜💖💖💖💖😀😀😀😀👏👏😚😚😚😚💕💕💕💋💋🌹🌹💕💋💋
lildeadbyhitbox 23 часа назад
Who's watching this in April 2021
Sounak Dutta
Sounak Dutta 23 часа назад
It's a remix of it all around the world 😍😍😍
Gurnoor Sekhon
Gurnoor Sekhon День назад
The song has such a 2000s feel to it and I love it
Eva Luck
Eva Luck День назад
This music is russian. We can make world lalala
Astronamical День назад
So baddd😍😍🖤
Lolita День назад
My neck, my back
Monika День назад
I like how they’re trying to make sketchers look luxe by featuring them in this video
Kazeumi День назад
You slayed the fuck outta this. Love it, omg amazing!
Stoofman День назад
So now almost every artist is just remixing other songs using different lyrics and taking full credit umm ok....
J L 14 часов назад
She didn't take full credit. "Pesenka" songwriters are consequently credited as co-writers on "My Head & My Heart" According to the wiki. Since ATC was a cover of the original "Pesenka" by Ruki Vverh!
Ava Max
Ava Max День назад
This deserves 100M views!! KEEP STREAMING AVATARS!!!😘
John Henry Cook
John Henry Cook День назад
So she's around number 27 in the billboard 100. Good. It's a start. I hope she's still going up , not down.
CreatorSkin День назад
Dam, that sh*t was bright
Kayla long
Kayla long День назад
Absolute banger of a song Ava ❤️
Why Do You Care
Why Do You Care День назад
God blessed that guy 1:10
Alicia Plourde
Alicia Plourde День назад
La la la la la
Alicia Plourde
Alicia Plourde День назад
Sema Lakha
Sema Lakha День назад
Sema Lakha
Sema Lakha День назад
Beautiful Queens
Neto Salém
Neto Salém День назад
Alguém traduz em Inglês por favor ! Eu amooooo a Ava ❤ suas Músicas me salvam! Da tristeza,depressão... Muitas vezes colocaram um sorriso no meu rosto e fez eu secar as lagrimas,já sofri bullying,me achei uma peça quebrada... Que não se encaixava em lugar algum,sem valor! As músicas da Ava tocam na minha alma e me dão força,meu sonho é que esse comentário chegue na Ava❤ quem puder curti e da Up ai ! Ava Max o Brazil te amaaaaa ❤ vem fazer um show no Brazil!!! ❤
The Looolinator
The Looolinator День назад
Emma Watson
Emma Watson День назад
This is my g I am
Kamil Walczak
Kamil Walczak День назад
Kto z Polski daje łapkę w górę
Allena Rust
Allena Rust День назад
Great song to exercise too💛
Pinki Patel
Pinki Patel День назад
I love her style She so beautiful
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