ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Santa Cruz | Ep. 1 | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV

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6 дней назад

Episode one of the the Emmy Award winning series takes viewers into the lives and training camps of two world champions as they prepare to square off in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz will meet in the main event of a Halloween thriller on Saturday, October 31 on SHOWTIME PPV.
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jaime reyes 82
jaime reyes 82 2 часа назад
Literally a waste of money to pay for this PPV, not even a good match up
Yung Støry
Yung Støry 2 часа назад
Great Motivational Video 💪🏼🖤
Black jesus24k
Black jesus24k 2 часа назад
Latin kings tmt
Bobby Johnson
Bobby Johnson 2 часа назад
im humbly saying my hometown champ is goin to win. Tank
Walid Meziane
Walid Meziane 2 часа назад
seeing a father happy and proud of a son waters the eye
glory boyz
glory boyz 2 часа назад
Yay yay yay yay yay yay
Tj Haze
Tj Haze 2 часа назад
'Phenomenal" footage @showtime .. Wow to see tha *Personal+Human Side of each boxer.. Both Great Men " massive Respect for Leo Santa Snr .. God Bless All. 🥊👌
Tj Haze
Tj Haze 2 часа назад
Tank Does a Leo to Leo.. I see Santa Cruz making history .. Tank taking his first L .. Re-match Tank Wins and also Crates his history.. I'm no bookmaker ' wud be a good chapter to their boxing Story .. Experts Say Tank all day Long ' I know.
KiN CAMELL 3 часа назад
Much Gratitude
Brogod Spence
Brogod Spence 3 часа назад
Gervonta has what Adrien Broner wanted🗣
leevwe leevwe
leevwe leevwe 3 часа назад
Tank beats Santa Cruz
Dist-Playlists 3 часа назад
Eagle > Money
WeTooDeep OU
WeTooDeep OU 3 часа назад
For those of you who think Floyd is trying to steal Davis shine your badly mistaken, Floyd is trying to create shine for Davis.. Y’all have zero business intelligence. Lol
dropaholic318 3 часа назад
Payperview lol yea right more like ABC For free
AVFC_PICK 3 часа назад
This is gonna be a battle of 2great warriors,hearts of lions,can't wait 2see this,2great special hard workin boxers at there best,what a fight this will be,hard 2call on this1 man!just hope both men leave the ring safely.Peace.🥊🥊
Ke!vin Corsentino
Ke!vin Corsentino 4 часа назад
Mayweather is slightly dumb.
Aaron ortiz
Aaron ortiz 4 часа назад
What’s the song 3:45
Andy Horn
Andy Horn 2 часа назад
Nas 'Spicy'
Wakil Assamad
Wakil Assamad 4 часа назад
Floyd just set tank up to get whooped on....leo.....i followed him since his start..he grind different .watch u guys will 👀..lil Floyd is a wild boy😂😂😂🤜🤕..tank is gonna get exed-posed.
shake down pesos
shake down pesos 4 часа назад
Cruz getting knocked out
Brad & Mila Jones
Brad & Mila Jones 4 часа назад
Boxing one of the only real sports I still watch with 100% excitement
statenmh123 4 часа назад
That's crazy you got the best trainer in the world man that's an opportunity of a lifetime
M10Repin 5 часов назад
Respect to both of these young men, hope they continue to be successful in an out of the ring.
Yardley Moise
Yardley Moise 5 часов назад
Davis always struggling to make weight 😫
Julio Espada
Julio Espada 5 часов назад
tank ain't ready yet
Chris Torres
Chris Torres 5 часов назад
I salute both these young men. I don't no who to pull for?? I can relate to both of them.
Kore Details
Kore Details 5 часов назад
#NorthPhillyPeacePark loves
Julio Espada
Julio Espada 5 часов назад
email champion, teofimo whoops his ass
A Lil Kangaroo
A Lil Kangaroo 5 часов назад
Gimme da money Floyd!!!! 😂😂😂
JEPG G 5 часов назад
27:50 the interviewer though he was talking to her when Tank said do you feel me lol
Josh Garth
Josh Garth 5 часов назад
These two fighters seem like decent guys but this whole 24/7 concept would be nothing without Floyd.
Craig Hare
Craig Hare 5 часов назад
Lol 12.15 looks like the guy on the end been kidnapped
daviddivad777 6 часов назад
relax boiiiii
Darth Neo
Darth Neo 6 часов назад
Tank gone sleep Leo. Tank nothing like Floyd tho he not a thinker like that idk why Floyd backs him so hard guess cuz there's no other real option, tank gone end up disappointing Floyd sooner than later
David Parker
David Parker 6 часов назад
Davis has to think defense on this kid; otherwise, he will not win. This dude stands still and throws a million blows.
Youngman_OldSoul 6 часов назад
Floyd is a great champion with lots of money but damn he’s corny
Miguel Orellana
Miguel Orellana 6 часов назад
Looks like a great fight
Amador Castro
Amador Castro 6 часов назад
But Mexicans will fight anybody especially if you give them the right number the right amount of Number the fight anybody and that's the case with this I bet you Santa Cruz is getting a big Payday 2 fight Davis and he's going to give them a good fight but tank is just too big for Santa Cruz so that's messed up he cares more about his wacker then being known for fighting champions his size
Amador Castro
Amador Castro 6 часов назад
They should have set it up with teal Fimo Lopez if Davis really wanted to fight someone that had a chance at beating them or his size Santa Cruz has a lot of heart and a lot of fight but he's smaller than Davis
Sooftah 7 часов назад
Coach Calvin a real-life Cutty from the Wire
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 7 часов назад
Floyd coaching these young fighters is like Kobe with his Mamba Academy and his offseason training with players.. we should be thankful for the guys before us
GoldBone Summers
GoldBone Summers 7 часов назад
I can't wait for this fight to go down it aint been nothing to exciting to watch since the whole lockdown idc who win im just happy we got some action again LOL
Mr. H A Double
Mr. H A Double 7 часов назад
This is a really good battle test for both Leo & Tank, I expect nothing but high speed on the edge of your seat boxing. can't wait.
mansa brown
mansa brown 7 часов назад
🙄He seems like a really nice genuine guy when he's not knocking 7 bells or crap out of his GFs in public places. #AB #aboutgbh
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 7 часов назад
3:35 tunes??
Neph God
Neph God 7 часов назад
I like how tank just sits there and let's Papa Mayweather talk the entire time 😂
AURU 7 часов назад
A bit random but i wish I was Mexican. Being Greek I used to tell everyone at school I was Mexican lol
Javier Rosado
Javier Rosado 7 часов назад
Very hard fight for davis, good luck!
Raj Purohit
Raj Purohit 7 часов назад
Davis vs rayan Garcia next 😳😳
Juventino castro
Juventino castro 7 часов назад
i want to see mayweather in the octagon
Bobby Mahaffey
Bobby Mahaffey 8 часов назад
Davis will have to perform at a much higher level than he did against gamboa. The more i think about this fight. Im starting to think Davis has to ko him Sannta cruz just throws so many punches he would have to be favored in a decision. Tank seems to get a little winded in the later rounds which obvuously will doom him if leo can take his punches .Tank hasnt had to brawl that much that ive seen but ive seen santacruz stand toe to toe and give better than hes getting many times. Yeal my prediction Tank kos leo or Santa cruz wins a decision. This should be good although obviously there will be a giant elephant in the room hovering over this fight because Lopez has put the pressure on this ppv
Rappers Digest
Rappers Digest 8 часов назад
Keep Winning 👑
Malachi Fisher
Malachi Fisher 8 часов назад
Song ?
Malachi Fisher
Malachi Fisher 2 часа назад
@Andy Horn ok thanks
Andy Horn
Andy Horn 2 часа назад
Nas 'Spicy'
patrick bostian
patrick bostian 8 часов назад
I've never seen so many ads. Every 3 minutes.
CHILL TONY CHILL 8 часов назад
The mexican boul dont stand no fucking chance ong
Ct Bt
Ct Bt 9 часов назад
Ok it look like he will not go inside on Tank. I see that from his Framton fight.
Daniel Lovegreen
Daniel Lovegreen 9 часов назад
I don’t think Tank really likes Floyd. For real I think Floyd would be a hard person to be around, he’s too arrogant, loud and just has to always take up all the oxygen in the room.
Daniel Lovegreen
Daniel Lovegreen 9 часов назад
Seeing Santa Cruz give his belt to his father made me genuinely tear up. My father passed away when I was 9 years old.
Octavio Ocean
Octavio Ocean 9 часов назад
I like Gervonta but Santa Cruz really has my support, how can you not like the dude? He wrapped his belt around his father, saying “this is his” but this fight will be a great one and I’m anticipated
ollieflp 9 часов назад
3:35 tunes??
Ct Bt
Ct Bt 9 часов назад
Floyd is right above the mental state of mind. He is a good teacher.
Joel Dumas
Joel Dumas 9 часов назад
With God anything is possible
Slim Slide
Slim Slide 9 часов назад
I really like both fighters and their stories, may the best man Win on Halloween!!!!💯
Chris Teague
Chris Teague 9 часов назад
I got it 7-5 Cruz. Cruz will box him at a distance making Davis frustrated causing him to get out pointed. Cruz said it in his loss..he was wrong to be close and brawl. I think he learned that,Davis will learn from this loss.Should be a great fight.
Pete Clemenza
Pete Clemenza 9 часов назад
Floyd is good fella, the media and "otheres" will try and label him as woman beater, a show boat etc...and say that he can't read. I for one am glad he doesn't let it affect him
Zibassie Edwards
Zibassie Edwards 9 часов назад
I love Tank. But this guy he's fighting is a scrub.
Barrington Deferrell
Barrington Deferrell 9 часов назад
Gtd meet DBP 🎒🎒🌋🌋
2485Shaggy 10 часов назад
I respect everyman hustle but some are special storys tank nothing but love bro
C R 10 часов назад
"Behind almost every great fighter, there's a father who wasnt" - Me
John Lewis
John Lewis 10 часов назад
This documentary features more of Floyd than tank lol
undecided 11 часов назад
why dont floyd pay of tanks jewellery debts.
Charles Womack
Charles Womack 11 часов назад
BROWNIE B 11 часов назад
Floyd is so cringey sometimes
TraRob-EastSide 11 часов назад
Hycee Foronda
Hycee Foronda 11 часов назад
I like this one; not having to trash talk just to hype up the fight. Can't wait!! 🥊
Sm1leD0g 微笑
Sm1leD0g 微笑 11 часов назад
francisco javier orozco
francisco javier orozco 11 часов назад
Davis is much bigger to be fighting Santa Cruz, its not the first time we see these mismatches in boxing. Typical, leo is going to lose. Idk how people cant understand that. It will be like Marquez vs Mayweather... or Spence vs Gracia. Just a step for the "cherry pickin tank". Dont blame leo, its a big payday for him so fuck it why not. But boxing has gone to shit, just put whom needs to fight with whom needs to fight. Enough of the cherry picking, im tired of seeing good fights getting thrown out the window for fights like this. Props to leo but.. just tired of the Mayweather's, the tank Davi's, the Canelo's and the list goes on...
Deanroy Baptiste
Deanroy Baptiste 11 часов назад
I honestly stopped watching in the first couple minutes because it’s a Floyd show not Tank. Let the guy have his moment. And I’m actually a Floyd fan but that shit is ridiculous. Go sit your ass down somewhere dude.
Eddy Moreira
Eddy Moreira 11 часов назад
Santa Cruz is just not that marketable
Young Davis 90
Young Davis 90 12 часов назад
I got my cousin for the W 🥊!!
Doc REDZ 12 часов назад
Tiofimo Lopez is the future of BOXING:::::::::::::THE NAME T LOPES
Ronald Palmer Dzirasa
Ronald Palmer Dzirasa 12 часов назад
Ronald Palmer Dzirasa
Ronald Palmer Dzirasa 12 часов назад
Ronald Palmer Dzirasa
Ronald Palmer Dzirasa 12 часов назад
Ronald Palmer Dzirasa
Ronald Palmer Dzirasa 12 часов назад
Ronald Palmer Dzirasa
Ronald Palmer Dzirasa 12 часов назад
James Karue
James Karue 12 часов назад
Behind the Mayweather flashiness is a master strategist, a psychologist, but most important a mule of a worker. If Tank absolves an ounce of this he will go far.
franklin basera
franklin basera 12 часов назад
7thgenMax 12 часов назад
Tank is Gunna hurt Leo
Geez E
Geez E 12 часов назад
It’s great what boxing can do for people, a lot of greats have came from the streets, they got the heart and determination to be great
Yeltom Automotive
Yeltom Automotive 12 часов назад
I'm looking at these two fighters and see a very big difference. Tank still has that fire and hunger in his eyes. His opponent struggled and is in a fight too. But he has aflame that has began to lower.
Mr P
Mr P 12 часов назад
Tank always looks like he is in a daze when he sits next to Tyson was sitting next to Givens (but Floyd def isn’t her....) 🤷🏾‍♂️...IJS
Daniel Gibson
Daniel Gibson 13 часов назад
Much respect to both of these guys for overcoming the odds😎😤
SmokeSmitty 13 часов назад
Sorry davis is smashing cruz the workouts are tougher
larry watts
larry watts 14 часов назад
Tank is uncomfortable under Floyd you can see it, he just says yes , look at his hand gestures as,if,he doesn't own nothing or cant do anything.
Best Karaoke Ph
Best Karaoke Ph 14 часов назад
Different fighters, different life journey but both great.
Emal Nottz
Emal Nottz 14 часов назад
Leo ain’t a joke the guy is a savage as wel
Juan Torres
Juan Torres 14 часов назад
This is going to be a great fight!! 🔥🥊
SneakerHeadLowLife 15 часов назад
Mayweather knows damn well he don’t want anyone to surpass him
Aaron Lee-Perry
Aaron Lee-Perry 16 часов назад
Grade A strap on that Floyd
Froilan Perfecio
Froilan Perfecio 16 часов назад
he looks like margarito
David Ricardo Moreno Cruz
David Ricardo Moreno Cruz 17 часов назад
with teofimo in 140, and teofimo for KO
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