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Get your back up off the wall and enjoy a collection of the worst dancers we've ever seen!
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Inari Pinx
Inari Pinx 2 дня назад
"Hi Boss I broke my working table because of... :"
Jeremiah Crawford
Jeremiah Crawford 6 дней назад
Imagine having all these people build up your brand by subscribing, up voting, watching countless videos and one day the creaters of this channel decide....you know what, fuck em
Dubby 6 дней назад
Fail "Army" : too big to be subscribed
super paperissima molto spettacolare complimenti ciao da valerio wontolla
HiYa Pal
HiYa Pal 10 дней назад
Stupid is, as stupid does. Lol
stavros 1 6 1 crew SkinS
stavros 1 6 1 crew SkinS 12 дней назад
2:05 awesome T-shirts
goose gambirgski
goose gambirgski 18 дней назад
Music cali4
Swiety Junior
Swiety Junior 19 дней назад
5:28 5:53 🇵🇱 🇵🇱
Shroomin' 22 дня назад
The music is total dog shit
Rob Axl
Rob Axl 29 дней назад
1:11 was pretty much assault lol
george barger
george barger Месяц назад
The music still sucks in 2021.
Hanan Chouhan
Hanan Chouhan Месяц назад
7:08 legends eyes always there 😁😀😂
Marius Aucamp
Marius Aucamp Месяц назад
Assumption confirmed. Humanity is becoming more and more retarded....
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia Месяц назад
Take the music and shitty effects out
Jageroo - WOWSB CC
Jageroo - WOWSB CC Месяц назад
I seriously don’t know whats wrong with the extra music and sound effects. I like them.
Ace Trainer AJ
Ace Trainer AJ Месяц назад
5:58 Isn't that one of the music tracks used by 5 Minute Crafts?
Mat4 Naz
Mat4 Naz Месяц назад
Danke für die Musik kappa
ThatLemonadeStand Месяц назад
2:16 did they really blur a bottle of beer or is it something else
Vadim Blagorodov
Vadim Blagorodov Месяц назад
mohammed helal
mohammed helal Месяц назад
Please stop the songs and music along with the videos
Abby Koos
Abby Koos Месяц назад
Why does Fail Army never reads the comments, seriously we dont want that annoying sound effect😡
Ari-Pekka Lindqvist
Ari-Pekka Lindqvist Месяц назад
Please,,, sound effects,,,, and the music is so bad. Noooooooooooo!!!!!
arkhamkillzone Месяц назад
Some of these are wresting moves and not actually dancing.
M. Monet
M. Monet Месяц назад
2:26 Camera man- Ah lets help her getting up. Also camera man -nah i should take pictures first.
Brenton Mifsud
Brenton Mifsud Месяц назад
Bet none of these are Australian, its illegal to sing and or dance during the Covid here
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones 2 месяца назад
This reminds of of an AFV compilation with the music and sound effects 👌
SCREEN TV 2 месяца назад
Ashish rana
Ashish rana 2 месяца назад
2:28 nice photographer. 😂😂😂 He clicks every moment
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 2 месяца назад
This video is a FAIL
4AM 2 месяца назад
stop this shitty music. my god.
Steve Utgaard
Steve Utgaard 2 месяца назад
SadBunny 2 месяца назад
Ey... That's nice... Lethalfrag in the first fail video.
Flo 2 месяца назад
You keep hating but still watching so stop complaining or leave
Zagardal 2 месяца назад
Stop with the fucking sound effects and music, you're not gonna get back to being popular by pretending it's the 90s
Val Nenuial
Val Nenuial 2 месяца назад
Emergency rooms need designated "white people tried dancing" areas.
Santos Herrera
Santos Herrera 2 месяца назад
They are good dancers, I guess?
Spartacus 2 месяца назад
it's verry funny
Kidstv 2 месяца назад
Yine harika güzel bir video emeğinize sağlık🍬❤️😍🥰🍭😘🍡😋💕💕🤩🤩💋🥳😎😘🥰🥰🥰
Nathan Wagner
Nathan Wagner 2 месяца назад
Remove the dumb music
Ali Jawad
Ali Jawad 2 месяца назад
Don't drink
Kishan Kumar
Kishan Kumar 2 месяца назад
It's WWE 😂😂😂
Elijah Toussaint
Elijah Toussaint 2 месяца назад
Ppffffffffttttt😂😂😂😂Hhahahahahahahahahaha! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh man these people are so hilarious 😂😂🤣🤣. You know what, I think you be adding some laughing audience and laughing crowd sound effects to those funny videos.
Foxhunter 2 месяца назад
I'm out, wtf is this? Sound effects, terrible music...
DINOMITE22 2 месяца назад
what awful music
Vick Ventlando
Vick Ventlando 2 месяца назад
RIP fail army. 2020 don't stop
enigma 2 месяца назад
@failarmy you’re trying to over complicate a montage
ftoolbar 2 месяца назад
Hey FailArmy. Your should add a disclaimer at the begining of your vids: 'THIS IS ANOTHER STUPID AS F VIDEO WITH SOUND EFFECTS AND A BACKGROUND TRACK' Adiós forever.
Alies Schellingerhout
Alies Schellingerhout 2 месяца назад
Why did you have to add such a fucking terribly annoying song under it instead of the original sound. It was fucking awful
Антон К
Антон К 2 месяца назад
Failarmy became worse
junk building
junk building 2 месяца назад
you don't see dance in Pakistani weddings ??? than top 10 all Pakistani
Malpal 93
Malpal 93 2 месяца назад
Why do you put sound effects over the videos?! It's so annoying and makes the videos not funny at all! GET RID OF THE STUPID SOUND EFFECTS AND THE DUMB MUSIC!!!!!!! I can't even finish any of these videos like I used too
Jeroen I.M. van Dorp
Jeroen I.M. van Dorp 2 месяца назад
4:24 Gold medal
Nad Maximus
Nad Maximus 2 месяца назад
What the fuck has happened to this channel?
Razor City Railway
Razor City Railway 2 месяца назад
Suplex City!
olatron 2 месяца назад
What happened to this channel? We must punish them for this music by unsubscribing en masse
ThaMystic OG
ThaMystic OG 2 месяца назад
terrible sound effects and music stop that bs
Redronnie Balofama
Redronnie Balofama 2 месяца назад
It's hard watching this channel die- it's America's home funniest videos all over again 💔
Jadna Cypriano
Jadna Cypriano 2 месяца назад
Very god
Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy
Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy 2 месяца назад
The Added Music Makes The Videos Not Funny.
Dxpe Shark
Dxpe Shark 2 месяца назад
Every tiktok dancer is
Khulan Baterdene
Khulan Baterdene 2 месяца назад
Кирилл Степкин
Кирилл Степкин 2 месяца назад
лучший выпуск этого года!
Evilwhiteclownpunk 2 месяца назад
Does a kick in the nutz count as dancing??? (4:32)...
FAIL TV 2 месяца назад
Nice! Come to my channel
Miguel González
Miguel González 2 месяца назад
If you’re gonna continue with that lousy soundtrack and adding extra sound effects, trust me... you will lose subscribers!
WinchesterMJ aka DK
WinchesterMJ aka DK 2 месяца назад
Yeah, this music made me turn off the video after 20 seconds... Jesus.
Jennie Berg
Jennie Berg 2 месяца назад
that is the reason why i would never or will never dance, because i am a Motor dyslexic
6AL-4V 2 месяца назад
Everyone in this video is a total idiot. Realize the truth. Please don’t reproduce. If you do, the world will die.
Pets Awesome
Pets Awesome 2 месяца назад
I didn't miss any of your channel videos
you thinl
you thinl 2 месяца назад
Well luckily you don't have to watch every video to see every clip because these lazy chodes do nothing but recycle clips from 2012
MrNlwt 2 месяца назад
But here you are...!
The XXV 2 месяца назад
Sound effects are terrible but the compilation itself is ok. So, for the first time in 2020, thanks fail army. Can't stop laughing. 💜💜💜
BDub 2 месяца назад
Looks like a clip from America’s Funniest Videos
L77kim77l 2 месяца назад
Ruined video with awful music
Derian le Breton
Derian le Breton 2 месяца назад
Another laugh track? NO.
Rob Barnes
Rob Barnes 2 месяца назад
*Biden Sucks 😁 you misspelled it
Bertie De Klerk
Bertie De Klerk 2 месяца назад
Is it terrible dancers or is it good alcohol????😁😁😁
Heisenberg 2 месяца назад
Fea música
Brutal NecroDude666
Brutal NecroDude666 2 месяца назад
Olé this is great 😂
Brandon Loyo
Brandon Loyo 2 месяца назад
I had originally put thumbs up but then heard the annoying music and now putting thumb down
Abhi 2 месяца назад
One thing I can say is none of the products are durable breaking as if made of soil, and not only in this video but every video, either they are cheap or thats what you get.
Wolffenhaus Merry
Wolffenhaus Merry 2 месяца назад
Priceless! Happy Failyear!
PerfectCatto 2 месяца назад
the music may be wack but there are no sound effects, all the noises are from the original clips lol
JITSU 2 месяца назад
Only works best if people hurt themselves
Ben MT
Ben MT 2 месяца назад
it was tooooooooooo nasty
zuhn 2 месяца назад
i watched this
Parker L
Parker L 2 месяца назад
Me too
JT Lotts
JT Lotts 2 месяца назад
rennie rad
rennie rad 2 месяца назад
Joseph Baker
Joseph Baker 2 месяца назад
1:27 is the guy processing your loan application.
NadrianATRS 2 месяца назад
Would’ve preferred hearing the original sound instead of this stock music
Jan Hoff
Jan Hoff 2 месяца назад
THUMBS DOWN for the terrible music and added sound effects.. lasted 1min47sec before my ears started to bleed... Terrible way to end the year.
rieychardo 2 месяца назад
INSTAGRAM : @rieychardo
Meme Gang
Meme Gang 2 месяца назад
1:49 maybe his crush just rep to him
Der Meister
Der Meister 2 месяца назад
2:28 A very responsible man doing his job no matter what.
Mohamad Raymię
Mohamad Raymię 2 месяца назад
I'm watching this while in bed yesterday. For 3 minutes then I asleep by the sound effect. Now I woke up just to continue comment about this bad sound effect. 🤦‍♂
CHP 2 месяца назад
Deabo. Bye failarmy
David Robinson
David Robinson 2 месяца назад
Trunk Films
Trunk Films 2 месяца назад
Do yourself a favor, and Mute the whole video
ds1 2 месяца назад
4:53 Not even close
Giles alakija
Giles alakija 2 месяца назад
ChrisnGeorgeGaming 32
ChrisnGeorgeGaming 32 2 месяца назад
That's what you get for wearing "trump sucks" tshirts
ChrisnGeorgeGaming 32
ChrisnGeorgeGaming 32 2 месяца назад
Trump 2020
Mike Webb
Mike Webb 2 месяца назад
Thanks for the entertainment 😳🤣🤣🤣😅😅
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