Remi Rrmz
Remi Rrmz 27 минут назад
Mike Tyson looks very slow compared to jones, I don't even think at this point hits harder than jones...for Tysons age he looks well condition and in that it self is amazing but Roy's has only stopped boxing two years ago, it's plus ten years for mike..just saying
Luis Gamez
Luis Gamez 32 минуты назад
That was a dumb strategy to give away rounds. It back fired in their face.
rai ZOR
rai ZOR 32 минуты назад
how things have changed, floyd went out an illustrious champion while conor is wants to fight basically unranked opponents
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here 33 минуты назад
I have Roy jones as one of the greatest pound for pound ever but right now I have Tyson winning this fight
rai ZOR
rai ZOR 34 минуты назад
how things have changed
Gique Gaming
Gique Gaming 35 минут назад
Hahhahah idol csemero
RoBB's Mind
RoBB's Mind 35 минут назад
Ross now does boxing interviews.
Mark Morris
Mark Morris 36 минут назад
I feel Brook is one of the most underrated boxers of today. I don't think he's elite anymore, but he's a true warrior and he would definitely be a good test for Crawford. By the way if people go back and watch the Brook GGG fight.. Yes he got smashed,, but he stepped up two weights and managed to actually back up and hurt ggg (Something that no one else had done prior). I think that if kell had had some warm up fights to get use to the weight,, I feel he could have beaten ggg, (if he could hang with gggs power). Brook is definitely very skillful.
Champ the
Champ the 37 минут назад
카넬로 키 작은데....ㅋ 경량급이랑 스파링하니 헤비급같이 보이네 덩치가ㅋㅋㅋ
Extremely Rare Rainbow Pepe
Extremely Rare Rainbow Pepe 39 минут назад
He is such a mug lmao
Travis Dinkins
Travis Dinkins 44 минуты назад
Nomo lomo! That fool lost! Fair and square! No excuses! Not like the lost coming off his record! And he wore that ass whoopon real good! king lopeZ!
willie williams
willie williams 45 минут назад
Joel Diaz is a little Senile.....Fighters are Smarter than just trading punches when you can convincingly beat a fighter without out taking a beating yourself....
Antonio Montez
Antonio Montez 46 минут назад
Rayan Garcia ain’t proved himself yet .
Rahim Muhammad
Rahim Muhammad 50 минут назад
And that's really what it is about. Teofimo is the bigger 135 pounder. Lomachenko is better at 126 & 130. If you watch the fight in slow motion you would see 119-109 is very plausible when you take into consideration illegal headbutts. I think the female judge was right.
john ninham
john ninham 52 минуты назад
one belt per fight! review fundamentals......
admsitio 53 минуты назад
El Chino le rompió la Jeta.
admsitio 54 минуты назад
Adrian "The Solved" Broner.
Cyrille Yong
Cyrille Yong Час назад
I personally think Foreman was the harder hitter. That's alot of weight and torque being delivered through his fist. But Tyson combined speed AND power. That's why he was good with long combos.
Professor Kaos
Professor Kaos Час назад
Lets not forget that the greatest Russian fighter of all time Drago, killed Apollo Creed in the ring and that was an exhibition too.
Eduardo Levy
Eduardo Levy Час назад
Leo & tank both have speech problems not very articulate
Adam Zammit
Adam Zammit Час назад
Roy Jones looks a level up
Raymond Montanez
Raymond Montanez Час назад
No matter when he started. Theo would have won. Let Theo hit you with those shots, see how well you do. Jealous.
Night Forest
Night Forest Час назад
Algieri is a great boxing analyst.
Raymond Montanez
Raymond Montanez Час назад
This guy forgets that Theo also has a boxing history. Stop it . This guy is bias and just mad Theo won. Stop it. He hit loma with some body shots that halted him, and almost knocked him out in the 12. Stop it .
Raymond Montanez
Raymond Montanez Час назад
What happened? Theo stopped loma defense. Why are people mad at that. He didn’t do anything because Lopez out did him. People just wanted loma to win. That’s why they are mad. No matter when loma got started he would have lost. Theo is that good. Stop wondering what happened. Theo took all of Lomas tricks away, that’s what happened. Can’t believe these are pro boxing people.
J B Час назад
Rios is literally a bum. JMM would have KOd Rios.
PATA RAJADA 2 часа назад
Roy going to regret,ever taking this fight, and if he don't put them hands up ,Tyson going to rip his head off....!!!😬
Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс
Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс 2 часа назад
Julio Cesar Martinez, Roman Gonzalez, Juan Francisco Estrada
Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс
Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс 2 часа назад
Julio Cesar Martinez, Roman Gonzalez, Juan Francisco Estrada
vic dman
vic dman 2 часа назад
poor ring girl goes flying.🤣🤣
Watcher 2 часа назад
I'm no Floyd hater but damn it was difficult to follow what he was talking about.
Шер Али
Шер Али 2 часа назад
This is UZBEKISTAN men
alisha payne
alisha payne 2 часа назад
BoxPro Fight
BoxPro Fight 2 часа назад
In fact, Lomachenko won (116 : 112)! Evidence:
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 3 часа назад
Dela hoya is the fighter that fears no fighter. win, lose or getting beat up badly. Respect to this kind of fighter.💪 We don't see fighter like him today.
Machine Bidule
Machine Bidule 3 часа назад
My God : dear Roy Jones seems to speak less clearly as time passes. Maybe a consequence of the shots he took in his boxing carrer ? He was my preferred commentator when he worked for HBO. One among the very few who say something technical, useful, and to the point (a bit more elaborate that : "good right hand"). Each time he talked about a fight, I learned something.
GG Glenn
GG Glenn 3 часа назад
yeah feels like loma reached his weight limit. sadly he seems like he won't get past of 135 and maybe he really is best at 130.
MuhammadAli_GOAT 3 часа назад
Just realised that Loma's loss to Teofimo shows just HOW GREAT Manny Pacquiao is ! Mayweather my ass.
laagan KO
laagan KO 3 часа назад
Hahaha 😂 putang ina may pa mask pa... Ito Yong boxer na talo payong bunsong pagara😂😂😂 bully Ng mga Tagalog Ang mga visaya! Tingnan nga natin
Veridicus Maximus
Veridicus Maximus 3 часа назад
Floyd laughing all the way to the bank bank!
Patrick Hamilton
Patrick Hamilton 3 часа назад
Ryan Garcia winning this.
Jessebubslebo 5
Jessebubslebo 5 3 часа назад
Haney who ???
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez 3 часа назад
Algieri should be commentating. Could take Paulie's spot.
[M] 3 часа назад
When Filipinos and Mexicans fight inside the ring .. Its sizzling hot & so explosivo.
Gab Busuego
Gab Busuego 3 часа назад
Lol he is cocky when speaking in English, super humble when he speaks in Tagalog 🤣
jm jim
jm jim 4 часа назад
Lol fight of the grandpas. Someone’s going to do their hip in
Gene Porras
Gene Porras 4 часа назад
Righteous win Teo let’s not take from all given heart from the young warrior
Gene Porras
Gene Porras 4 часа назад
Humbled boxer
James Mendo
James Mendo 4 часа назад
Ronda is a sore loser.
StevieCODM 4 часа назад
Marquez and Morales are the only boxers who can proudly say they defeated Manny.
boxingfan 4 часа назад
to be honest..tyson doesn't look that impressive against an astronaut
Rufai 4 часа назад
Campbell, way to sound like a bitter idiot. 👍🏿
Drooly 911
Drooly 911 5 часов назад
Luke is bigger and has longer reach than Teo and he took a L.
John Charles
John Charles 5 часов назад
Why can’t these top notch pros score a fight ? It was 9-3 Loma- Loma won 8, 9, and 11. It’s crystal clear. I watched it twice !!
willy white
willy white 5 часов назад
respect to rungvisai a true champion
TJ Benn
TJ Benn 5 часов назад
Still love the little wwe fans saying cena aint fat but they kids and dont know anything lol
Gladys Rodgers
Gladys Rodgers 5 часов назад
How very touching on Patrick Day a very beautiful kind person he lives on Danny Jacobs beautiful as well how very sad this happen
g'dog 5 часов назад
Mr Mayweather, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard... Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
AG AG 5 часов назад
Not sure how anyone thought this was a draw. Not even close. Simple fight to score 9-3 Teo.
Gabe C
Gabe C 6 часов назад
This guy lost money betting on loma.He was always hyped up,like many fighters who seem p4p but only fight bums.This is the "marinated" era but hopefully teo has changed the game.Going back to the old days where the best fought the best.
general manager
general manager 6 часов назад
Bla bla bla still taking boy that's all you can beat machines .they don't hit back ..Ej will retire you .put you in your home ..BOIII
Chris Reyes
Chris Reyes 6 часов назад
Algieri should commentate if he doesn't already
Rigo Diro
Rigo Diro 6 часов назад
Let charlo vs ggg first.
Andrew Mellons
Andrew Mellons 6 часов назад
"I never really smoked, and drank"...... LMAO the song he in I smoke, I drank. Lmao
Franco Bradshaw
Franco Bradshaw 6 часов назад
you woulda thought floyd was on stage with these comments ... lmaoo TBE 🐐🐐🐐🐐
iñigo Egizurain
iñigo Egizurain 6 часов назад
Roy Jones the voice of the experience getting titles from middleweight to light heavy weight💯💯
Ab85 main
Ab85 main 6 часов назад
Nobody is after Ryan, he’s after everyone
pantrho thunder
pantrho thunder 6 часов назад
I want so badly that Jones wins this fight but in my mind I only see him getting ko.
Aayush Khadka
Aayush Khadka 6 часов назад
Everyone got a plan untill they get punched in the face. -Mike Tyson
MBanks Unfiltered
MBanks Unfiltered 7 часов назад
Truly Dynamite🔥
Israel Galarza
Israel Galarza 7 часов назад
Cuadras perdio contra el Boricua esta vez el gallito lo noquea
Elbert Lim
Elbert Lim 7 часов назад
He is still a beast 😯