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Ant-Man's Giant Family Tree
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Tejas Malap
Tejas Malap Час назад
after endgame this hyped me 🙌
QUESTION 4 U Час назад
Who else Curious for 5th Episode
Jaime Baeza
Jaime Baeza Час назад
Noone2007 Час назад
*Here we see a Zemo in it’s natural habitat*
Cronomancer Час назад
...Did they turn Loki into a time cop?
Rag Time Rage
Rag Time Rage Час назад
Tf only 2 episodes left
khari dobbins
khari dobbins Час назад
Hey marvel why not bring back amazing fantasy , Journey into Mystery. Have new and up coming Writers, artist see how it turns out. I was thinking what if you had a Competition where you give these writers and artists a chance to show they stuff. Give them a number of short stories to do see how they do and if they issue is getting love have them on a contract. This would bring a new generation and old to show they stuff and to see what the ppl want. If they do so well they can get a mainline title. Even with that maybe give them a issue of a top tier character or a low one and see how they can they make this character and story somthing that people want to pick up. Just a idea maybe something that y'all would think about. Maybe even make a youtube show or a TV show. Let's go back to telling stories again.
khari dobbins
khari dobbins Час назад
Bring back original stories and characters
Roompa Mahato
Roompa Mahato Час назад
Can we all give a huge round of applause for Wyatt Russell? He has done fabulous acting as John Walker.
TheBeastGamer69 Час назад
smh, ridicluousu untrue bullshit right here without a dought like honestly!! :(
Uni_ Diver08
Uni_ Diver08 Час назад
The next generation will never experience the hype and the wait for this movie ever
miguel contreras
miguel contreras Час назад
I just really miss the original Peter with original face ah this is sad
Harsh Chandel
Harsh Chandel Час назад
You can't hate LOKI ever when he comes ❤
Aditya Час назад
We want falcon as our new captain America
Ocampo, Jevie Jan A.
Ocampo, Jevie Jan A. Час назад
The revenge thing on his head is affecting him worse with that serum run on his blood
Bat Boy
Bat Boy Час назад
I wanna see a Russian superhero kick Capt America’s a$$
Shoghi Castel de Oro
Shoghi Castel de Oro Час назад
Free idea from an old employee 8) ... Make an NFT of this, sell it, donate the proceeds to Zemo's favorite charity. <3
Tuấn Minh Nguyễn
Tuấn Minh Nguyễn Час назад
where is the haha button?
William Herring
William Herring Час назад
I thought it would at least have ten episodes this means it will only have six
Keven Zhang
Keven Zhang Час назад
Does anyone else think this animation style looks a lot like RWBY but upgraded?
Ajinkya Pandey
Ajinkya Pandey Час назад
By far , falcon and the winter soldier has been awesome , hope its last 2 eps will also be the same😉
Basicallyabush Час назад
yogesh kashyap
yogesh kashyap Час назад
Can't wait for another 2 episodes upload this 2 episode tommorw
Munkhtulga MunkhErdene
Munkhtulga MunkhErdene Час назад
Superninja MM
Superninja MM Час назад
Mr Beast should do another challenge of watching Zemo dancing for 10 hours lol
渡辺祐紀 Час назад
Andre Jackson
Andre Jackson Час назад
samuel jackson word is still on
Ethan Час назад
I was expecting "Hurt" by Johnny Cash to be playing in the background.
Starclast Час назад
So one dimensional. I haven't seen this show at all and I know everything... hollywood is so boring lol
frog Час назад
Watching this feeling nostalgic
kandula jashwanth
kandula jashwanth Час назад
John Walker: You don't want to do this. Steve fans: We do from Ep 1 ending itself.
Kathan Prajapati
Kathan Prajapati Час назад
If Sam and Buck lose, Karli will be dead meat
arun tiwari
arun tiwari Час назад
Vibranium shield vs vibranium arm
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer Час назад
2:02 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
bob bib
bob bib Час назад
36 more hours to go (give or take ) LETS GO
D.F Час назад
I'm beyond hyped for this episode
Niruban S
Niruban S Час назад
I loved the MCU for this soaring feeling I got during certain moments i got watching films. Those moments came less and less until Endgame. I gave up almost but i'm getting this same soaring feeling watching all episodes of this show. This is great and I love it, it's just what i needed during these hard times of the pandemic.
lily Час назад
AMinecraftNoob Час назад
It's not I am captain america it's I am iron man
MrArtist1971 Час назад
John: You don’t wanna do this. Sam: I ... am inevitable.
Harsh Gulia
Harsh Gulia Час назад
Abhi majaa aayega biduu
Iron Man
Iron Man Час назад
Get him, Bucky!
ansar basha
ansar basha Час назад
I think parts are too short😜
Chad Gaming
Chad Gaming Час назад
Marvel’s Avengers is FINALLY having a comeback, I don’t even own the game, but that still doesn’t get me excited to play BOTH as Hawkeye and Black Panther! This game is having a comeback just like Star Wars Battlefront II!
Yug Sharma
Yug Sharma Час назад
John Walker wanted them to become a team from the starting , and i dint think its wrong afterall
Sweaty Rie-Rie
Sweaty Rie-Rie Час назад
John doesn’t even know how to fight. Bucky is a trained fighter, the only reason John is alive is because of that shield.
FaZe_Pancakes Час назад
When black widow thinks she’s cool
Jürgen Kulup
Jürgen Kulup Час назад
Can’t wait for Zemo’s face end up hideously scarred like in the comics. This would probably trigger him to be evil.
Heirloom Films
Heirloom Films Час назад
Adriel Juanda
Adriel Juanda Час назад
I have been waiting for this
arun kumar
arun kumar Час назад
am curious, who is the POWER BROKER?
Saksham Kushwaha
Saksham Kushwaha Час назад
I am very much disappointed with cap👎🙁
Zylice Liddell
Zylice Liddell Час назад
*Crapton America 🇺🇸
Rex Henry
Rex Henry Час назад
Never realised the trailer revealed Tony's death.😔
Sharan Singh
Sharan Singh Час назад
Well now we know how Falcon gets the shield
JackBhoy Час назад
Mid season? There’s 2 episodes left
Freddy De La Torre
Freddy De La Torre Час назад
Buff Peggy Carter, yes please 🥵
Matthew S
Matthew S Час назад
Cast and crew, thank you. <feels>
Nusrath Tamil
Nusrath Tamil Час назад
Tamil dubbinga matum mathi old dubbingla re-release panungada avathar filma beat panirum...
Henry Cogo
Henry Cogo Час назад
LOL...after that last episode everyone has needed a therapy session. Not just Walker, Bucky, and Sam. I'd include Zemo but he would just mess with the therapist's mind.
Muskan Agarwal
Muskan Agarwal Час назад
John Walker : Stay out of my way Also him : We could've been a team
Wakandan _Will
Wakandan _Will Час назад
Love u Marvel🥰🥰🥰 only Marvel knows what the fans want
Tydragonborn Atoigue
Tydragonborn Atoigue Час назад
They better not nerf bucky for their fight i swear
Abigail Pallo
Abigail Pallo Час назад
Oh no si abra madrasos
iisylilia Час назад
Zemo: starts dancing Bully Maguire: Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Час назад
Screw John Walker.
Jasper Sabijon
Jasper Sabijon Час назад
this one of the reasons why it's called marvel entertainment, not DC comics
The Spectra Prime
The Spectra Prime Час назад
"We could have been a team" Bucky: "And I took that personally.." *attacks*
Prem Charles
Prem Charles Час назад
John is so f**ked now!!!!😱😱😱😱
KP Nesto
KP Nesto Час назад
is John walker gonna be a villain?
_ RafliMC _
_ RafliMC _ Час назад
Yes John Walker Is villain
momo pho
momo pho Час назад
No. I hope they'll team up against the real villain
Omar ELJoker
Omar ELJoker Час назад
John Walker: But You Don't Understand, I'm Nothing Without This Shield Sam: If You're Nothing Without This Shield, Then You Shouldn't Have It
Thinks Of legends
Thinks Of legends Час назад
John : oh ok i have a another shield Sam : wtf (if you didn’t understand john has a another shield in the trailers)
Kapitan132 Час назад
My condolences to all those Marvel fans who died before seeing this masterpiece.
ANIMAX Час назад
trap tracks
trap tracks Час назад
Mohammad Salik Mulla
Mohammad Salik Mulla Час назад
Y'all better make this fight epic
gammaxmen 2 часа назад
I wonder if these worlds will make their way into the MCU?
ThiccBirdBoi 2 часа назад
This whole show all the way keep giving me an impression that Walker is so stressed and just wanna cry like a baby. IN FACT, I feel like EVERY FUXKING ONE is so freaking stressed and just wanna ball their eyes out... Bucky, Sam, Walker, Kali... all of them. It would be hella plot if everyone just end up having a therapy session with Bucky therapist in the end of the show.
Abhijith Puthanveetil
Abhijith Puthanveetil 2 часа назад
Walker: We could have been a team Sam and Bucky: No
Joshua Bonfield
Joshua Bonfield 2 часа назад
We could have been a team. Falcon doesn't team with cold blooded killers!!!
Joshua Bonfield
Joshua Bonfield Час назад
@momo pho And I mean you wanna get technical the Avengers killed a man who was a threat to basically the entire universe. That is about it. They captured Loki who literally was terrorising an entire city with an army and also destroyed a few robots. But no. John Walker was really threatened by a kid/terrorist.
Joshua Bonfield
Joshua Bonfield Час назад
Avengers took the life of real world ending threats. John Walker pummelled a kid he had the drop on underneath his boot when he did not have to. The Avengers had no choice. John Walker did.
momo pho
momo pho Час назад
John walker killed a terorist. You said that as if the avengers never kill anybody before 😑
klloyd plata
klloyd plata 2 часа назад
I really think that John Walker aka U.S Agent is missing, the correct mindset as well as the responsibility. Steve Rogers aka Captain America's responsibility is to NOT use guns in public that might hurt anyone. What Steve Rogers aka Captain America has said "Some say using guns they calling it protection". I'm siding with Steve Rogers aka Captain America but U.S Agent deserves more hates better. I'm serious here.
Abhijith Puthanveetil
Abhijith Puthanveetil 2 часа назад
Fans: How many episodes left ? Marvel: We already release the entire episode as small clips !