Kin XXX 5 часов назад
Novak just needs a gold medal in Tokyo, one RG, one Wimbledon, one keep the haters shut up. Fedal still need: number one weeks record, two golden Master 1000(even one golden master), 4 Grand slam in a row to give the chance to haters for opening their mouth.
Andrew Millist Creative
Andrew Millist Creative 6 часов назад
Shout out to France for having a town called "Pussay."
Diamond Luck
Diamond Luck 6 часов назад
Can't see Hendry making it to the crucible! He is not good enough.
Turrican60 6 часов назад
That graphics bar of Novak's will only get longer. The greatest ever tennis player to walk on court, or certainly will be by the time he retires.
Elvira UNWIN
Elvira UNWIN 6 часов назад
The greatest tennis player Novak 🥇🥇🥇
bom trabalho campeãs
bom trabalho campeões
bom trabalho campeões . sólidas & consistentes melhoras ...
EuneAdventure 7 часов назад
Gigantic record to hold,not many players even have 1 week at no.1 to begin with ! Absolutely insane.
B 7 часов назад
After Taking in consideration all his trophies and achievements until today ...its official that from today our Nole is the greatest of all time. Haters hate in their misery and agony .
Katerina Patiniotis
Katerina Patiniotis 8 часов назад
Aleksa Cerovic
Aleksa Cerovic 8 часов назад
1. Most number of weeks at no 1 positions for male player 2 only male player to complete double Golden Masters.. Federer and Nadal don't even have 1 complete Golden Masters 3. Better head to head record against both Nadal and Federer etc....
Pierangelo Milano
Pierangelo Milano 8 часов назад
Most boring race with a useless very dangerous parcours. You can ban all the positions you want, but if these are the races' profiles there are always going to be a lot of crashes and risk.
Aleksa Cerovic
Aleksa Cerovic 8 часов назад
With love from Serbia <3 You need guys to understand that he is a realy good person, and player, and to stop hating him because he is not from West or something. New age is coming after Novak,Nadal, and Roger where the main stage will have Russians most, and other eastern countries. West made this game, but world is showing that west doesn t have right on that sport for ever, things are changing. This is great sport to watch, with many interesting things, and every player should have right to show his emotions on the court, not to hide them and to behave like some sort of a queen without emotions, but inside he is raging. Roger, Nadal, and Novak did show their emotions, broke their rackets in front of everyone a few times, but only tennis world is criticizing Novak, i remember one journalist said angry that Novak is doing that but you can t see Roger ever to do that, which is a big lie, and you can check on youtube. So to my world, stop hating, enjoy in sport, and as you can see hating will not do anything to help player that you love, it will just give a more energy to Novak. <3
Ashwin Naik
Ashwin Naik 9 часов назад
1. Most number of weeks at no 1 positions for male player 2 only male player to complete double Golden Masters.. Federer and Nadal don't even have 1 complete Golden Masters 3. Better head to head record against both Nadal and Federer Novak Djokovic -- The greatest of all time #nolefam @djokernole #novakdjokovic #311 #djokovic
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 9 часов назад
The Real GOAT Ranking 1-Djokovic 2-Nadal 3.Federer
Tanmay Wadhwa
Tanmay Wadhwa 4 часа назад
@Stueww and be able to reach the situation where he plays other other ones to be able to beat him Djokovic was good enogh to face him 7 times at RG Nadal wasn't good enough to meet him more than 2 times at AO or even Wimbledon Had they played 7 matches in AO or Wimbly it would have been much much different Keep hating ;)
Avinash Anand
Avinash Anand 5 часов назад
@Stueww Fedal fan alert. You guys just never learn. Do you?
Stueww 6 часов назад
The greatest of all time should have a positive record in GS against the other 2. Nadal is 1st.
Turrican60 6 часов назад
Totally agree with that.
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 9 часов назад
Djokovic 311 vs western sat anic media 0,00000000000000000000000666 weeks
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 9 часов назад
311 weeks at no.1 and 6 times end of the year no.1. AMAZING
The Unknown
The Unknown 5 часов назад
And counting 👍
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 9 часов назад
jimmy connors was in 245 weeks = 244 WEEKS THE No1....Federer fans should dont see that, otherwise there becomes angry after 311 weeks from novak today.
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 9 часов назад
yeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss babyyyyyyyyyy
SharpFitnessLook 10 часов назад
GoozerBoozer 10 часов назад
Finally a good pronounciation of Kees (Kace) Bol. Great job
Premiumtap 5 часов назад
Case Bol
Daan Van Rooij
Daan Van Rooij 10 часов назад
Dont spoil the winner pls
Neil Aquino
Neil Aquino 10 часов назад
2nd :)
Matthew Shortall
Matthew Shortall 10 часов назад
Anyone else notice strange Tame Impala Elephant cover in the background ? lol
Maxim Claes
Maxim Claes 10 часов назад
Анатолий Гун
Анатолий Гун 10 часов назад
I think if Iga won, then the screams would not bother anyone. The commentator’s attitude against Halep is also obvious.
NARCOTICKS •—• 10 часов назад
the other guy didn't get to play
Андрей Андреев
Андрей Андреев 11 часов назад
now erase all of the 2020 weeks
bitchoflivingblah 11 часов назад
Bouhanni thwarted by a crash, yet again.
Ane Jay
Ane Jay 11 часов назад Cosi come la moderna metodologia di sviluppo crea la necessita di includere nel piano di produzione una serie di eventi straordinari, tenendo conto della complessita del progresso della comunita professionale. Nella nostra ricerca per migliorare l'esperienza dell'utente, ci manca che le caratteristiche chiave della struttura del progetto illuminino caratteristiche estremamente interessanti dell'intero quadro, ma le conclusioni concrete, ovviamente, sono condannate all'anatema socialdemocratico.Nel loro impegno per migliorare la qualita della vita, dimenticano che la comprensione dell'essenza delle tecnologie di risparmio delle risorse e una fase qualitativamente nuova nell'attuazione tempestiva del super compito. Pertanto, un livello profondo di immersione offre ampie opportunita per gli sforzi di raggruppamento.! Tendo em conta os indicadores de sucesso, a continuacao do desenvolvimento das varias formas de atividade proporciona uma ampla gama de participacao (de especialistas) na formacao das tarefas definidas pela sociedade. Conclusoes banais mas irrefutaveis, assim como partidarios do totalitarismo na ciencia, formam uma rede economica global e, ao mesmo tempo, sao tornadas publicas.
Ranga Bernanduge
Ranga Bernanduge 12 часов назад
This guy redefined tennis
Serb Serbia
Serb Serbia 11 часов назад
Yes, Novak defined tennis in his particularly combative way.
Nvnk Nsknvp
Nvnk Nsknvp 12 часов назад
The Alpha
Goran Brailovic
Goran Brailovic 12 часов назад
Where is fedex with congrats? Now he shows how great he is. Good bye bad man
Ron Jotner
Ron Jotner 4 часа назад
It didn't surprise me that Roger and Rafa are not congratulating him, as Scarlet would say "pea green with envy"....ha,ha,ha
The Unknown
The Unknown 5 часов назад
Exactly where’s mr humble fedex 😂😂😂 place
Josh Heinink
Josh Heinink 9 часов назад
Hes jealous
Stradri 13 часов назад
Men's cycling and women's cycling aren't in the same division, no one will say that there's a price inequality between a premier league football club and a championship football club
Djuran Nebojsa
Djuran Nebojsa 13 часов назад
i am so happy that nole break fedex record.Thats for the west countries in the world.Thank you Nole
krafthund 14 часов назад
AND he has a winning Head 2 Head against both Federer and Nadal. I'm sorry but anyone not acknowledging that Novak Djokovic ist the Best Player of All Time has a serious cognitive issue.
Turrican60 6 часов назад
@Aleksa Cerovic Well, I'm also from "the west" as I'm English. You seem to believe that everyone living west of Serbia has no admiration for Nole and that everyone living in my part of the world are *ALL* obsessive Federer/Nadal lovers when that's not the case. Novak is by far my favourite tennis player, and his nationality has nothing to do with my deep appreciation of his greatness, both as an amazing athlete and as an inspiring, humble human being. Don't jump to conclusions about people - they're often wrong.
Elvira UNWIN
Elvira UNWIN 6 часов назад
Gee are you serious 🧐 Novak is the greatest tennis player ever in tennis world , take that 🤪
Aleksa Cerovic
Aleksa Cerovic 8 часов назад
@- S̷Y̷N̷H̷E̷T̷ - Phahahahaha, you have statistics, everything, sportsmanship, literaly everything in his advantage, well, all he need is just 2 more grandslams, and that s it, but even without that, in almost every other aspects, he is better, so don t cry baby because he is not from the west like your Roger.
aravind venkit
aravind venkit 11 часов назад
@krafthund Lol well said!
krafthund 11 часов назад
@- S̷Y̷N̷H̷E̷T̷ - sadly for you, you are exactly the kind of person I was talking about.
TheTruthHurtsHuh? 14 часов назад
And many more to come ;) IDEMO
cantataplay 14 часов назад
Beyond the chimneys and steeples, baptized by smoke and flame, stamping-footed archangel, down the decades I call your name! Rock-steady or change-at-a-whim! Coachman and stallion in one! He snorts and spits into his palm - chariot of glory, hold on! Singer of city-square wonders, I salute that arrogant tone that rejected the brilliant diamond for the sake of the ponderous stone. I salute you, cobblestone-thunderer! - see, he yawns, gives a wave, then he swings himself back into harness, back under the shafts, his archangelic wings. Marina Tsvetaeva To Mayakovsky
Tomas Stjepanovic
Tomas Stjepanovic 15 часов назад
How can we recognize the GOAT? Simple. The GOAT eats grass.
Katerina Patiniotis
Katerina Patiniotis 8 часов назад
He doesn't only eats grass, he leads Mr 40-15 Chokerer on grass too ( 3-1).
Morgan Wu
Morgan Wu 15 часов назад
He's the GOAT. The greatest hard-court player ever and it's not that close. Legit claims as the greatest grass-court player ever beating former GOAT in different circumstances different ways in different forms. The only one that could consistently compete & win titles against peak Nadal on clay. And when plays indoors he's even better. Singular.
Milos Tomic
Milos Tomic 16 часов назад
So satisfying to watch. I believe Djokovic can reach 400 weeks, but if he somehow gets to 500 weeks I am pretty sure no one will ever break that record.
Katerina Patiniotis
Katerina Patiniotis 8 часов назад
400 easy. ..
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic 16 часов назад
Novak outplayed almost every top player in Melbourne just as Rafa did in Paris
Boris Kostic
Boris Kostic 16 часов назад
2:02 worst miss ever
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 17 часов назад
Two words - Supply..and..Demand.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 13 часов назад
@Thomas Crabtree I understand where you're coming from. But i disagree. The law of supply and demand is absolutely fixed. it is the law that all business is based upon. You say it is being 'actively reproduced' by less coverage of women's racing etc. But the reality of the case is that if the marketing execs thought that there was enough demand for more coverage of women's races, why on earth would they not supply that? This sport is a business, first and foremost, and if something makes financial sense then it will happen.
ruskiny ruskiny
ruskiny ruskiny 15 часов назад
"Supply..and..Demand."Yeah and look how that's working out for Texas, USA, UK.
Thomas Crabtree
Thomas Crabtree 16 часов назад
Not as simple as that. The disparity in supply and demand between mens and womens cycling gets actively reproduced by facts such as unequal coverage and less races for women. The supply and demand can be changed by changing these institutions, it's not some abstract fixed law
Will Shepherd
Will Shepherd 17 часов назад
It doesn't say that they value women less, it says that more people enjoy watching men's cycling. That means that men's cycling generates more money and therefore is shown more in the media and receives more prize money.
rapid9 15 часов назад
I feel that any level of critical analysis reveals the situation to be far more nuanced that you have suggested.
Chatlow 19 часов назад
Mvdp just uploaded his stats on Strava. That final attack was insane
Mickael Domingues
Mickael Domingues 20 часов назад
I didn't know "EIDOS" was a sponsor, fits well 'cuz Sullivan is a real Hitman... get it 😅?
Dikkie Dik
Dikkie Dik 20 часов назад
1004 watts the last climb 🤪
Mental Health & Me
Mental Health & Me 21 час назад
I remember watching her in that suit, was amazing to see
Richard Nascaw
Richard Nascaw 16 часов назад
is she muslim tho ?
getrealdave 21 час назад
Not very good highlights, very sparodic and difficult to follow, made worse by the idiot commentator trying oh so hard to pronounce every riders name in some weird foreign accent. Sometimes I had no idea what he was saying. Watch coverage elsewhere e.g. it - much better and less agonising pronunciation.
The guy in the white van
The guy in the white van 21 час назад
ah uhhhhh ah uhhhh
speedpeteV 22 часа назад
Such a big gap to the other riders is really strange...if he is not physically doped, using a hidden Lipo-cell and a brushless motor with around 50 watts in the tt-bike lets him get fresh in the climb...the resulting fact: RIDER IS CLEAN...this drivetrain weighs less than 200 gramm...blood sample is within regulations...WIN !!! Simple...
Wuudy 22 часа назад
Who's the rider that crashed (first) in the last kilometer?
Sam Bennet will be the next sagan
Stefan Kucera
Stefan Kucera 23 часа назад
not today. Demare today💝
Farzi Tube
Farzi Tube День назад
Real gentleman always makes sure his opponent gets comfortably seated on his chair and get proper rest throughout the match
silvio fontana
silvio fontana День назад
Greipel still in the mix, awesome
Matías Oyola
Matías Oyola День назад
El dia mas feliz de mi vida. Gracias, Soda!
UrbanJungle День назад
No commentary on Demare using his shoulders ? Oh I forgot, French rider French race
tuks День назад
anybody noticing Cofidis being ended up on a good positions these days?
Dr Iqbal Farim
Dr Iqbal Farim День назад
Is there any argument that MVDP is the best rider in the world right now?
METEHAN BÖLÜKBAŞI 18 часов назад
@Dr Iqbal Farim i meant there is no argument.
Dr Iqbal Farim
Dr Iqbal Farim 21 час назад
Pierre-alexandre День назад
where did philphsen come from? he is 4th buth i didn't saw him.
ManFuryXT День назад
Damn Sam sprinting on the tops and getting the win This man is on fire right now 😳😳😳
Adam Dickinson
Adam Dickinson День назад
Good day for the Irish - Sammy B took a phat dub and Tay O'Geoghan-Hart looks to be supreme leader of Ineos for the rest of the race
Max Mader
Max Mader День назад
tao is irish, of course!
titis dwiyanto
titis dwiyanto День назад
Sam bennett tired of winning so he sprinting on the hoods
Iris Alberto
Iris Alberto День назад
😘🍀 Steffi 🍀😘
Edoardo Piombini
Edoardo Piombini День назад
Bernardo День назад
wout van aert been having nightmares, seeing van der poel and another world champion
Like MvdP have nightmares last year at Strade and MSR.
chidr4k День назад
The 1st time I saw Sammy celebrated no hands lmaooo Congrats SammyBen🎉
Fiorentino Bici
Fiorentino Bici День назад
super edition of the best race of the year.
Frodo День назад
2:07 Who is that guy at the front? I always thought only amateurs ride handlebars with flare.
Frodo 23 часа назад
@Luc van Casand You are right! This brake lever position might feel better to him when trying to get into an aerodynamic position.
Vernelon День назад
Yes victor campenaerts
Hulk Truck
Hulk Truck День назад
I think its the world hour record holder..
Luc van Casand
Luc van Casand День назад
@Frodo think it's Victor Campenaerts
Frodo День назад
@LimPin Oh okay, I could not quite tell it. Thank you! But still, this position is very rare for the brake levers. Does anybody know the rider's name?
David O Brien
David O Brien День назад
2:51 .. Before that Sean Kelly won the general classification of P∆®I$-Nice, for 7 years.. in a row.
David O Brien
David O Brien День назад
This whole breakaway rider going away by himself or in a little group for half the race, most often is pretty boring. Organisers should do more to animate the races (like intermediate sprints).
Enrique Soto
Enrique Soto День назад
How the hell Bennet sprinted on the handlebar like that?
KevinKoel69 23 часа назад
it was uphill
Dorin Gheorghe
Dorin Gheorghe День назад
I'm still amazed how MVP is not în a world tour team
lucas swerts
lucas swerts День назад
He does not need to be. The team he's in is completely build around him. This team also allows him to ride multiple disciplines, like MTB and cyclocross. If they want they can enter any GT, because they became first in the UCI Pro standings last year. Another question is, does MVDP need teammates at all to win races?
Sandy Telfer
Sandy Telfer День назад
Sam is on good form
ungave День назад
OMFG Porte's bad luck is continueing to haunt him
nickyhillz День назад
i wonder if sam bennett ever gets tired of winning
david thionadi
david thionadi День назад
Whyyy caleb ewan not participating? It would be more exciting with both competing for sprint stage
Kevin Espineda
Kevin Espineda День назад
He needs a rainbow. But without morkov, I doubt he could win.
Darren Whelan
Darren Whelan День назад
nikoo День назад
i feel bad for richie... he is literally always unlucky :(
The Distance11
The Distance11 День назад