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First to Dig the $10,000 Diamond, Keeps It
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Khotic Oj
Khotic Oj 3 часа назад
Swagg........ and he ain’t playing
Hyper_wolf123 Yt
Hyper_wolf123 Yt 3 часа назад
Eww u gotta be f Ing sick to put spit on ur finger and put it in another persons ear just saying don’t hate on me
Achoui Akuei
Achoui Akuei 3 часа назад
How tall is rug
Kary Borski
Kary Borski 3 часа назад
Love you man but bronny is going to win
Ty Fraga
Ty Fraga 3 часа назад
ISO Boardiid
ISO Boardiid 3 часа назад
Why did he made this video now maybe cause he saw AMP do it and didn’t even said props to them for giving us this idea
Ty Fraga
Ty Fraga 3 часа назад
Chug rug is sooooooooooo bad trust.
Eddie May
Eddie May 3 часа назад
Good old silent library
Patti Blackman
Patti Blackman 3 часа назад
Team flight
CIA Squad
CIA Squad 3 часа назад
The grill is mine and she is a gold digger
jay jazzy
jay jazzy 3 часа назад
Isn’t this the same as AMP silence game?
Zeno 3 часа назад
Iker Perez
Iker Perez 3 часа назад
I see a scary skull 💀💀☠️☠️
Bradley Connelly
Bradley Connelly 3 часа назад
Bro what happened to faze
Helen Wilson
Helen Wilson 3 часа назад
God bless you abundantly for doing this in this tough time. You are awesome May god give you all that you Desire to have in life. My son watches you all the time his name is Assae
Seattle Lettau
Seattle Lettau 3 часа назад
If you know what they are playing then you’re an og of mtv
Nisa Ya
Nisa Ya 3 часа назад
And here’s me trying to laugh in silence 🤦🏻‍♀️
Kev Nem
Kev Nem 3 часа назад
This is plobly Rug's quietest vidd😂😂
Theresa P
Theresa P 3 часа назад
A video with only the PARENTS play.. Faze Rug Parents /SHerman Parents /Jessica Parents /KEEMOKAZI parents/ PapaRug Brothers
anthony wright
anthony wright 3 часа назад
bro how can faze rug play ball like he is a goat
Cici Moco
Cici Moco 3 часа назад
save your money on a nose job! I’d give u a nasty look,but u already have one!
Harriet Grant
Harriet Grant 3 часа назад
Yo faze rug is not 66 he’s literally like 57
Isabella Sanz Fino
Isabella Sanz Fino 3 часа назад
Am I the only one who tries not to laugh too loud and pretend I’m in that room 😅
Sharkz 3 часа назад
Let’s see how many subs I can get from this comment currently:10
TheRyanKids 3 часа назад
Well like 1 😢😢😭😭
MH 3 часа назад
You really had them shuffle the cards around .... They knew which on it was every time lol.
Summer Russo
Summer Russo 3 часа назад
I was really trying to play along but I just couldn’t it was to funny then papa rug came and I dyed 😂
Jesus Loves Me Messiah
Jesus Loves Me Messiah 3 часа назад
Anthony Made me laugh so hard
FiteZ88 3 часа назад
mario films
mario films 3 часа назад
When Anthony fell 🚶‍♂️😎 “trip” 😂😂
TheRyanKids 3 часа назад
I know how it feels I have only hit 5 and I’m 11 been playing sense 3 and I’m in 12u ...................not trying to be rude 🤣😂
Jaiden Ruiz
Jaiden Ruiz 3 часа назад
Trip 3 часа назад
Hey what up and we are back for another episode of why is this in my recommendation list!
jelly dudes
jelly dudes 3 часа назад
i loove your content
what is life why are we here just to suffer
what is life why are we here just to suffer 3 часа назад
Men i miss that show of Silent Library it was funny and fun to which thank you for making this happened that show was my childhood
Mohamed Barry
Mohamed Barry 3 часа назад
Xtra Points
Xtra Points 3 часа назад
Benjamin McWilliams
Benjamin McWilliams 3 часа назад
This is my kinda stuff I Loved silent library
Ana Cantu
Ana Cantu 3 часа назад
I gotmaekowppwppwslslslkskw
JessyGoneCrazyy 3 часа назад
Papa Rug made me laugh sooooo much. Watching your videos always cheer me up. I would love to see a part 2!
I did not know that jr went to prison
Rocco Graziano
Rocco Graziano 3 часа назад
YO LOOK AT 14:30
Dark Fire
Dark Fire 3 часа назад
Did anyone else hear Jessica say oh my gosh at 9:25 but hear closely
Aaryn Mollett
Aaryn Mollett 3 часа назад
My favorite is the basketball
lil_HazBoss 3 часа назад
Mnawi. 3 часа назад
Part 2 please so good and funny 🤣💯
Aiden Thebeast6969
Aiden Thebeast6969 3 часа назад
Who else heard Jessica say oh right now at the start of the video 😂
Axstro-_-frxstyッ 3 часа назад
Owen Hextall
Owen Hextall 3 часа назад
Where's the links
Taylor Preiser
Taylor Preiser 3 часа назад
NoLxve_STORMZ 3 часа назад
Tyrell Jasper
Tyrell Jasper 3 часа назад
Noah- "This is demon time"😂😂😭
Diego Ventura
Diego Ventura 3 часа назад
maria guijosa
maria guijosa 3 часа назад
What was the end
Jayden Fox
Jayden Fox 3 часа назад
The spray is my favorite
Ivy Navy
Ivy Navy 3 часа назад
Bro, how do you come up with these ideas🤣🤣🤣 CONSISTENTLY TOO!!
chloe aguilar
chloe aguilar 3 часа назад
anyone else remember brandons video doing this in the apartments
Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas 3 часа назад
Don't describing hit the Bell and give it a like
reybunmen06 3 часа назад
Kleef Bellevue
Kleef Bellevue 3 часа назад
I predict that bronny will win
Yahir Rangel
Yahir Rangel 3 часа назад
Stop copying people’s vids rug amp made this vid yesterday
Enrique Flores
Enrique Flores 3 часа назад
This is all planned nun funny
Landon Cole
Landon Cole 3 часа назад
How much money does he have he gives away like 10000 dollars a week at least.
Mani Minter
Mani Minter 3 часа назад
Going live more like going broke just unsubscribe y’all should stay woke
Andree Kent Velasco
Andree Kent Velasco 3 часа назад
Luis Rojas
Luis Rojas 3 часа назад
Oakley Abraham
Oakley Abraham 3 часа назад
Shaff 3 часа назад
anthony and rami would be fun asf to have in class during a silent test 😭
Giovanni Mendoza
Giovanni Mendoza 3 часа назад
I have the code go in snap I added u so I can send u the code
Yeet Lee
Yeet Lee 3 часа назад
0:37 Anthony.exe
PTCK. zJapan
PTCK. zJapan 3 часа назад
You gotta do that a series s1e1
Kyara Stewart
Kyara Stewart 3 часа назад
U teach me shy is my super power
Exiled Streem
Exiled Streem 3 часа назад
I have to stop watching these vids I’m having nightmares
Hina Ali
Hina Ali 3 часа назад
MickeyMoon149 3 часа назад
Faze Rug is always coming up with the best videos!💛🔥
Patrick Newell
Patrick Newell 3 часа назад
These kind of faze rug videos make me happy when life has been hard
TheJAVISO 3 часа назад
He insane
Yd Colin
Yd Colin 3 часа назад
Here before both are in nba
Bug You
Bug You 3 часа назад
Should have gave credit to silent library