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Evelyn Vance 7 часов назад
Ughhh.. we have to wait Tuesday to watch this nice series.. Love❤️❤️Emanet.. Yaman♥️Seher..
Hilda Termak
Hilda Termak 7 часов назад
Beginning Lyngkhoi
Beginning Lyngkhoi 7 часов назад
I want the english subtitles.I like the show but can't understand the words.
Lyn Allison
Lyn Allison 7 часов назад
Seher been silly to herself. All what has happened to her and not being careful after being kidnapped. Yaman was correct but harsh when told her the truth. Now look at her passing out on the street.
Mariana Altagracia Ramírez
Mariana Altagracia Ramírez 7 часов назад
La mirada de ella no se la misma de los de mas capítulo
Roxana Agrazal
Roxana Agrazal 7 часов назад
Yaman cometió un error .ella lo esta apoyando ya que la que hace las cosas en la casa esta enferma .y no lo ve como una humillación .Que, quiere él que ella forme escándalo y diga que ella no se sabe comportar y que no es su casa .por que las brujas ni para solucionar saben .haaaa pero como le gustan comer lo que ella cosina .y él también
ARUN RAMANI 7 часов назад
Who s best actor n this character yaman r Omar?
Amami Wardahtuljannah
Amami Wardahtuljannah 7 часов назад
Thanks for videos
Sky Blue
Sky Blue 7 часов назад
So finally he comes in her thoughts😍 she has feelings about him now thats like a yaman’s girl🥰
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Suziane Klem 7 часов назад
Yaman é o homem das portas 😂
connie maisano
connie maisano 7 часов назад
I still don’t understand why they can’t do translation on the actual series they do it the other way but you miss out on a lot of the parts someone to do something about it
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elizabeth Rodriguez 7 часов назад
Creo que Seher no va querer hablar con el sigue sentida por lo que le dijo Yaman, y la bruja va querer hacer con Seher, lo que hizo con la madre de Yusuf, la mantenia sedada que ni siquiera podia abrazar a su hijo. Supuestamente que estaba enferma.
Yarie Alago
Yarie Alago 8 часов назад
Yaman have eyes only for Seher 💕
Yarie Alago
Yarie Alago 8 часов назад
Love it 😍
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Cynthia Zawadi 8 часов назад
At this point, their wedding can be a stare fest. Their "I dos" can be head nods for the members of the public. I am sooooo ok with that vibe.
Marly De Jesus
Marly De Jesus 8 часов назад
MaryAnn Dsouza
MaryAnn Dsouza 8 часов назад
Well done Yaman!!!🙂🙃 Seher was just letting everyone walk over her.She needs to stand up with integrity and she can still be courteous and kind
Marita A - O
Marita A - O 8 часов назад
Activen los subtitulos en español porfavor gracias
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Laura Peña Serrano 8 часов назад
Cuando ella voltea, será porque él la llama por su nombre? 🤔😉🙏🙏
E. H.
E. H. 8 часов назад
Why Sahar went to Salim she knows that Yaman get mad she is stupid 🙏🏽🙏🏽
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Irma Tolentino castillo 8 часов назад
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Monica Marques De Oliveira 8 часов назад
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E. H. 8 часов назад
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E. H. 8 часов назад
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Fabiola Andrea 8 часов назад
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Any translations?
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Melahat Kavak 8 часов назад
Emeginze saglik
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Fatima Reyhani 8 часов назад
I really want Yaman to start to talk with Seher in a gentle way which she deserves and likes But also I really really want to see Seher become strong Not fainting every time, being there for Yusuf, and answering back when the witches treat her badly Writers come on 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 Don’t want her to be always the Denzel in distress that has to be saved by Yaman
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Faree Saleem 8 часов назад
Awwww now 2 long days to wait 😒😒😒
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Maria Warren 8 часов назад
Yaman meant to say I like you with the cumin 😂😂
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Rabah Rabah 8 часов назад
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Irma Tolentino castillo
Irma Tolentino castillo 8 часов назад
Gracias x la traducción en Español!!!!💕💕💕🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪
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Melahat Kavak 8 часов назад
Emeginze saglik
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Omarda Martinez 8 часов назад
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Amy Amy 8 часов назад
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Ferzilet Dani 8 часов назад
Maria Warren
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Helen Tuzon 8 часов назад
yahoooooooooo.160 SUBSCRIBERS. more please.💝💘💖
jess jess
jess jess 8 часов назад
O Yaman tem razão: A Seher age como empregada da casa, mas ele pegou pesado quando colocou o menino no meio( ele é o calcanhar de Aquiles da Seher ). Essa história de orgulho vai sair pela culatra tio ogro bey. .finge normalidade e corre! 😂 E falando nisso. ..se eu fosse a Seher colocava esses nome" TIO OGRO BEY" em vez de Yaman como contato no telefone, já que pra ele é Teyze. 😂😂 A Seher tão nova pra ser tia de um CACIQUE UGA UGA! 😂😂😂😂
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Loving the new variations in soundtrack @34:55.
Zofia Cedrowski
Zofia Cedrowski 9 часов назад
Yaman he now that he hurt Seher 😪feelings
Ayshia Alshaikh
Ayshia Alshaikh 9 часов назад
I don’t know why but Selim cane back he loook better then before . He came back bold strong 💪 but not stronger then yeman
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Seher is really sad More than she was when he didn't let her see yusuf
Ayshia Alshaikh
Ayshia Alshaikh 9 часов назад
Omg I’m dying from the phone names like yeman has her tazea she has him as yeman . Bravo seher you have him as his name he is your man yeman 🤣🤣but yeman has her as tazea come on you css as b do better just put my love , girlfriend or anything but tazea . We understand it’s to hard for you to put seher . Well let’s see for how long this name will be on your contact🤣🤣🤣
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Jobeng Hadjam 9 часов назад
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walkiria mallea 9 часов назад
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Lena Silva 9 часов назад
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Marie Joy Vendiola 9 часов назад
Please translate it... Put a subtitle in english so that ur international viewers can understand it.... Omg! Im just dependending on ur actions...
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Rusdayati Yus 9 часов назад
Seher😭your money didn't enough to buy a bread😭so saaad..my eyes got tears
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Zofia Cedrowski 9 часов назад
@mihrille 😘 Thank you so much for translating 😘😍
ofelia florez
ofelia florez 9 часов назад
Por favor , si alguien me puede decir donde puedo ver los capítulos subtitulados completos . Vi hasta el 30 e facebook y no puedo encontrar mas capítulos completos. La serie me gusta muchísimo. Gracias
Helen Tesoriero
Helen Tesoriero 9 часов назад
Will we see the romantic side of Yaman? I hope so...
Luz Amparo Ardila Soriano
Luz Amparo Ardila Soriano 9 часов назад
Me da risa 🤣🤣🤣🤣 que yaman no le "bota ni la hora a Zuhal" como decimos aquí en Colombia 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴😜😜😜
Patricia Duran
Patricia Duran 9 часов назад
Aaahh me aburrió Kiraz con ese lunar horroroso que se lo.quite de una vez . Se ve Hasta ridículo Ali mirándola con ojos de amor y ella con el famoso lunaaarrr .......
Raghi Maheswaran
Raghi Maheswaran 9 часов назад
Seher would have understood now ,that he is a angry person in front of all but his ❤️ inside is good ,even he cannot control his emotions. It have been nice if seher supported him all the time 😍😍😍😍
madalina alexa
madalina alexa 9 часов назад
Did yaman say those magical words from the end in her Room? In front of her?! Wow... This is rly rly a nice way to say sorry i was a jerk last Time to u 😁😁😁😁
Glagys Toledo
Glagys Toledo 9 часов назад
Los ranchero de plata
Nuriye Altas
Nuriye Altas 9 часов назад
Yamana bak yuzu ne kadarda yumusak beli yamani yine seheri kaybetme korkusu tutmus kiza birsey olacak diye odu kopuyor, inanmiyorum ya birde hadi anlat diyor, kiza oyle cattinki kiz simdi nasil konussun, oysa ne guzel konusuyor du kacamak, kacamak bakiyor du sende bu durumdan memnundun, simdi kiz sana onu ne kadar cok kirdiginimi anlatsin, kirimli kendi sucun azarlarken daha yumusak ola bilirdin hadi gorelim simdi, ozur dilemeden, pismanligini ifade etmeden nasil alacaksin kizin gonlunu
Karla Ontiveros
Karla Ontiveros 9 часов назад
Sooooo bored show awful actors 😒
Maureen Wignall
Maureen Wignall 9 часов назад
Hema Reddy
Hema Reddy 9 часов назад
Pls English translation for this episode
Raghi Maheswaran
Raghi Maheswaran 9 часов назад
I definitely know that her tears were Fakee... In front of all a loving wife🤣🤣🤣 tears ,in room alone with zuhal the mind of a fake lover 😪😪😪😪
Nuriye Altas
Nuriye Altas 9 часов назад
Yaman yetisecek ve cokta uzulecek, seheri kucaginda konaga goturecek, zaten fregmanda seherin arkasinda duruyor ve yuzunde yine korku ve endise var sehere birsey olacak diye
nilda guadalupe libertini
nilda guadalupe libertini 9 часов назад
Hay muchos diálogos que se pierden porque no están subtitulados en español. Es una lástima porque la serie es muy interesante.
Noora Shaba
Noora Shaba 9 часов назад
Yaman is right.
loby 9 часов назад
What about that girl in the park talking on the phone? Why does he look at her like that? I don't understand.
Rey Devan
Rey Devan 9 часов назад
He thought it was Seher.
Noora Shaba
Noora Shaba 9 часов назад
Why stupid Seher again went to salim.
Maria Elena Labrador
Maria Elena Labrador 9 часов назад
Gracias 👏🏻👏🏻
Nuriye Altas
Nuriye Altas 9 часов назад
Ah nerde oldurmede aklini oynat yatirsinlar bir klinige zaten normal degilsin, bu vesileylen kirazda, alide rahat eder ist
Haydee Constantino
Haydee Constantino 9 часов назад
This actor is so versatile. He can portray his role in this series so well. Great actor indeed! Congrats Yaman Bey
Ayshia Alshaikh
Ayshia Alshaikh 9 часов назад
This is the best diary we read beside the show u nailed every word . I love how you put everything tighter well done . Yes she is users aunt z d yeman krilmi wife !!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕
Nuriye Altas
Nuriye Altas 9 часов назад
Yuzsuzluge bak hele sanki hic birsey soylememis, yapmamis gibi birde keyfi yerinde gelip yamandan ozurdiliyor, ben yaman olsaydim, benden degil seher den ozur dileyeceksin derdim bu zuhale fena koyardi, ya adamin isi basindan askin, kirimli sevdigi kizi butun gun goremedi, sesini duymadi, aradi cevap vermedi, adam nerde ise cildirmak uzere, kirimlinin akli firar etti seheri dusunmek ten, salagin sordugu soruya bak
ghazal seif
ghazal seif 9 часов назад
We want a kiss and love confession very soon plz😍😍
Scarlet rubi Prince de los santos
Scarlet rubi Prince de los santos 9 часов назад
los subtitulo en español
Anwar Omar
Anwar Omar 9 часов назад
Turkish series are the best🍓🍓🍓
sofisa11 9 часов назад
¡Qué risa con la cara de villano de caricatura del protagonista! Un poquito sobreactuado. 😁
Veronika Radeva
Veronika Radeva 9 часов назад
Yaman: Tell me ! Me: Okay, so you are so handsome,strong, good looking, I can't stop thinking of you, I wanna marry you, I love you, I .. Yaman: Wait what? Just tell me what happened today?? Me: Ohhh, yep.. God bless you <3
Harjeet Divyanand
Harjeet Divyanand 8 часов назад
Popy Novita
Popy Novita 10 часов назад
Karı koca kavgası gibi 😁
Ilwad Abdi
Ilwad Abdi 10 часов назад
I think the girl like to help people she don't belong that mess if you another guy find your way out cuz people want to kill her just don't really get her sister