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Ministry For Doubt
Ministry For Doubt 7 часов назад
I am English, so no national loyalties. I am a fan of great boxers and sometimes a fan of out and out sluggers. If you think Lopez is a superior boxer to Loma I believe you are a fan of Lopez and not of boxing itself. Lomas tactics were slightly off by say two rounds. Lopez edged the early rounds, when Loma went to work (albeit too late) his technical ability reduced Lopez to nothing. Lopez' fitness which gave him the ability to bite down and come out swinging for the duration of the 12th won him this fight. Not taking anything away from him, conditioning is very very important. It's a pity there won't be a rematch, if there was, I believe Loma would go to work early having studied this fight and win easily.
The Mugger
The Mugger 7 часов назад
I bet Vegas was lit after that fight
0 vidoe 0sub challenge
0 vidoe 0sub challenge 7 часов назад
Horn punch miss couch ok this punch counted
Adonis Nomos
Adonis Nomos 7 часов назад
Can’t wait for the rematch. I believe it will be a war better than the first for sure. Congrats Lopez 🏆
Stephan Wanke
Stephan Wanke 7 часов назад
You all carrying your Corona masks. We patriots in Germany don't do this. They have no balls.
Cowboy Western38
Cowboy Western38 7 часов назад
Pirate91 7 часов назад
JESUS...Not only did Loma get DOMINATED....he was getting pounded in the 12th and would have gone down had the ref not called time with 13 seconds to go. LOMA EXPOSED!
Thijs Kennis
Thijs Kennis 7 часов назад
Well this didnt age well...
Kuda Mangwe
Kuda Mangwe 7 часов назад
This is soooo different watching this after the fight
Pirate91 7 часов назад
Well, I guess he should have been in the gym training instead of doing interviews and talking shit. 'Merica!
Erik Arreola
Erik Arreola 7 часов назад
He suddenly doesn't speak and understand English??
afroflap jack
afroflap jack 7 часов назад
Lomo lost y’all ! Fair and skillfully beaten . I hope Lopez don’t give him a rematch . Lomo had a no rematch clause . You don’t honor what wasn’t given to you . Rematch those two losses you had before . Lopez did his thing
валера давыдов
валера давыдов 8 часов назад
лицо хорошо разбито теофимо ище слаб
callyharley 8 часов назад
You wait to long downloading & you've downloaded an ass whopping.
Алекс Грэйт
Алекс Грэйт 8 часов назад
Чето плечиков у Васьки совсем нет, надо подкачаться
Tims Sullivan
Tims Sullivan 8 часов назад
Lomachenko - Overated, Overhype, exposed by a 23 yrs old.
Little amy Sabang
Little amy Sabang 8 часов назад
Fake boxer and fake built and a cherry faker boxer,,,,,,,,
machu pichu cosco
machu pichu cosco 8 часов назад
Clear punches where from loma
Ketut Alit
Ketut Alit 8 часов назад
Lomacenko is the best.
Ваша Величність
Ваша Величність 8 часов назад
Зрадник України - Василь Ломаченко отримав по заслузі ! Не треба було водитись з московськими попами та російським спецназом. Дружба з росіянами нікому не йде на користь.
Dominic Fabon
Dominic Fabon 9 часов назад
Loma is scared on Lopez power, I wonder where are those people saying Loma surpasses PACMAN in terms of Boxing abilities, Speed ,Angles and Ring IQ, LOL!!
Ephraim Campos
Ephraim Campos 9 часов назад
Time to start fighting some real names
Cody Monko
Cody Monko 9 часов назад
Didn't even know there was that many belts. Lol
1888hynesy 9 часов назад
Lopez convincingly beat him
kickboxer 9 часов назад
Don't thank any god. You did it no one else!
AJ 9 часов назад
.....Then speaks ok english at the end😂
carlos pimentel
carlos pimentel 9 часов назад
Hands down to loma.for me this is the difference between a real speed and pacquiao he's speed is natural,any weight,any class
Kazuma Satou
Kazuma Satou 9 часов назад
Its not an upset. Y'all think loma is the real deal?
Kom Ror
Kom Ror 9 часов назад
Edward Vega
Edward Vega 9 часов назад
That was a lucky punch!
Из Даунбасса
Из Даунбасса 9 часов назад
Не смог ответить Лопе на его прямой вопрос: Чей крим ? И у пал в нокаут ! Аха-ха-ха !!! )))))))))))))))))))
Из Даунбасса
Из Даунбасса 9 часов назад
Не смог ответить Лопе на его прямой вопрос: Чей крим ? И у пал в нокаут ! Аха-ха-ха !!! )))))))))))))))))))
Rex Mante
Rex Mante 9 часов назад
Jeff horn is not god figter ends this words
Из Даунбасса
Из Даунбасса 9 часов назад
Не смог ответить Лопе на его прямой вопрос: Чей крим ? И у пал в нокаут ! Аха-ха-ха !!! )))))))))))))))))))
Jorge Torres Ruiz
Jorge Torres Ruiz 9 часов назад
Lomachenco is a featherweight.
HOW TO 9 часов назад
This is not an upset, Lopez is a champion, undefeated - remember both were under 20 fights. They have both skill, speed and power, the difference is - gameplan and most of all bravery, or the braveness to engage, to hit and to be hit. Loma lack the courage to engage and was afraid to be stripped off of his belt! Lopez won in a fair fight - NO UPSET
RayLow92 9 часов назад
This dude is a riot love it
jason csoszor
jason csoszor 9 часов назад
Who’s here after the fight
facts facts
facts facts 9 часов назад
These Lomachenko fanboys laugh at the thought of anybody beating him then disappear when he gets beat with ease 🤣🤣
Jose Malave
Jose Malave 10 часов назад
El puertoriqueno Feliz Tito Trinidad le gano a Los dos .y le Quito El invicto a Los dos que Viva P R
Jarno Saarinen
Jarno Saarinen 10 часов назад
I hope he gets a rematch!
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera 10 часов назад
God bless you Edgar.....Puerto Rico esta orgulloso de encima...
Noreen O leary
Noreen O leary 10 часов назад
Munguia vs berlenga make that shit happen
AJ Ghali
AJ Ghali 10 часов назад
Hersh Leyn
Hersh Leyn 10 часов назад
To scrared in power puncher!
Pimen Clips
Pimen Clips 10 часов назад
Ini boxing... Bkan mma njimmm....hadeuh... Cheater si jeff ini
Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy 10 часов назад
Don't see how Loma thinks he won that fight.
Lex Lutha111384
Lex Lutha111384 10 часов назад
“Easy money”-Lomachenko 2020. That didn’t age well
JØNÆ MRSZ 10 часов назад
raymond blood
raymond blood 11 часов назад
the rematch will be fun whens it on
Tony the poodle Blair
Tony the poodle Blair 11 часов назад
Teo! You the man! I knew you were gonna break his ass! 😂 after the body shot in round 1 I knew the fight was yours baby! 👍😂💪😉
Ruzbihan 11 часов назад
The best pacquiao fight...
Lewis Wilko
Lewis Wilko 11 часов назад
Well he isn’t undisputed Devin Haney has wbc belt
Predator Predator
Predator Predator 11 часов назад
Вот заруба,не сравнить бой Лопес и Ломаченко.👍👍👍💪💪💪👊👊
Fonsy 11 часов назад
Pac-fan here. This comment is for all the Pacquiao Fans who think that Marquez did a lucky punch, Guys... this lucky punch accusation is really biased and even critics claim that Marquez's knockout shot wasn't even lucky. Here is the definition of Luck: "The success or failure apparently caused by chance rather than through one's actions." So, you guys are saying that Marquez's knockout punch just happened in a random chance??? That is complete nonsense. Even in round 3, I heard that impact sound on Marquez's right hand on Pacquiao's face which made him go down for the first time. That round 3 knockout was basically a power punch by Marquez. Allow me to explain more... This is what I observed in the Round 6 KO: Pacquiao was really doing great with the offence. Marquez's face was bleeding, swollen, and he even had a broken nose. But before Round 6 ended, Marquez managed to hit a punch on Pacquiao to knock him down. As you can see in 22:17 - 22:19, Pacquiao was trying to end the fight by stoppage so he tried to attack Marquez more. Pacquiao slipped his jab, then Marquez managed to dodge it. After that, Marquez knew that Pacquiao's face was vulnerable and exposed, so that was his perfect time to land a strong impacted punch right on Pacquiao's chin which caused the knockdown. In conclusion, Marquez's punch wasn't even lucky at all. It was legit a strong counter punch. Marquez is, in fact, a really smart fighter. He knew when to attack, and when to defend. When Pacquiao was left wide open, that was his moment to knock him down. You guys may say that Pacquiao got knocked out cold was because Marquez stepped on his foot, but that is not the case. If you observed the movement, even if Marquez didn't step on Pacquiao's foot... the results will go the same way. May I remind you that Pacquiao made a counter punch to Marquez at round 5 and then Marquez tripped on his foot and got knocked down. I hope you fellow Pacquiao fans can understand what I'm saying. You guys need to learn how to accept defeat. Respects to Mexico from the Philippines!!!
Habakuk Varte
Habakuk Varte 11 часов назад
What happen to horn face ,Do it was hit by moving air?Do the moving air sent him to hospital?
Adam Grimsley
Adam Grimsley 11 часов назад
Well pride comes before a fall.
Jared Dudley
Jared Dudley 11 часов назад
This dude needs to quit fighting bums. He’s the middleweight version of Ryan Garcia.
Ricardo Legaspi, jr
Ricardo Legaspi, jr 11 часов назад
Pacman is the winner., Horn is the loader...,
dean lewis
dean lewis 11 часов назад
Well Lopez made me eat my words. Congratulations to him. Great fight from him
Ulysses Castro
Ulysses Castro 11 часов назад
that was the time when loma was being structured as a great fighter fighting the nobody booxers,,until he met my MAN,,TEOFIMO
Sports Media
Sports Media 11 часов назад
The Takeover: Teofimo Lopez UNIFIED Lightweight Belt vs Lomachenko Boxing Highlights Mini Movie
Fred Torres
Fred Torres 11 часов назад
This dude was +10000 in Vegas ...common man he Need a real contender dammit
NightComic 11 часов назад
pacman = goku dinamita = vegita change my mind ☕
ElNrtNBoy ———
ElNrtNBoy ——— 11 часов назад
Marquez gracias x otra gran peleas, pasé lo que pase siempre eres el mejor 🧨
Sports Media
Sports Media 11 часов назад
The Takeover: Teofimo Lopez UNIFIED Lightweight Belt vs Lomachenko Boxing Highlights Mini Movie
Guy Brasfort
Guy Brasfort 11 часов назад
haha your overrated arse got whooped!
Sports Media
Sports Media 11 часов назад
The Takeover: Teofimo Lopez UNIFIED Lightweight Belt vs Lomachenko Boxing Highlights Mini Movie
southchum101 11 часов назад
He’s done, next fight he’ll lose.
physicals 11 часов назад
Congratz Champ. Stop using fillers in your speech though...
Alex On The Beat
Alex On The Beat 12 часов назад
god 12 часов назад
chenko ain’t getting those belts back 🤣
Artur Rivunov
Artur Rivunov 12 часов назад
You will go far mate! Dont let your ego get in front of you. But please, have another two bouts with Loma. You guys are the best.
Artur Rivunov
Artur Rivunov 12 часов назад
2 out of 3? Studied film well, trained well, Congrats! You should thank the bout with Loma as it improved your overall boxing style as a young boxer considerably compared to your previous easier bouts.
sd culada
sd culada 12 часов назад
I remember when loma said he dont want fighting an old pacquiao but he cant even win with a young talent😆😆😆 old pacquiao can still beat a youngster..
samuel chandonnet
samuel chandonnet 12 часов назад
Another russian hype machine derailed... Next !
Victor Musa Sangka
Victor Musa Sangka 12 часов назад
his tactic did not work. his waste many rounds. useless
Gary Nicholas
Gary Nicholas 12 часов назад
Well done Buddy Mcgirt
Jomari Atajar
Jomari Atajar 12 часов назад
He have a Curse on 9th round to his opponent😂
Jomari Atajar
Jomari Atajar 12 часов назад
He have a Curse on 9th round to his opponent😂