Funny Spring Break Fails 2021 | FailArmy
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3 месяца назад
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis 3 часа назад
u try to scare the chicken well the chicken scared u
Noni Noni
Noni Noni 3 часа назад
Unless clips were made before Jan 2019, I don't think any of these clips are relevent.
Mordecai 3 часа назад
8:09 why that sound like someone screaming then fading Into like a StarWars alarm sound.
MJ 3 часа назад
yall, if that car would've hit that kid, he wouldn't just be dead, he'd be FLYING into heaven.
MHZ Malek
MHZ Malek 4 часа назад
مين جاي من عند ناجي
bobbofly 4 часа назад
4:41 - not all porch pirates go about on two legs.
Michelle Kaz
Michelle Kaz 4 часа назад
4:41 "i love you~" "i love you too~" "shut the FUCK UP"
HE KI 4 часа назад
1:38 name that fish😭
Joharassit 4 часа назад
Danielle D.
Danielle D. 4 часа назад
I love with the basketball kid, the mom just heard the glass break from like across the house and was like "Don't step in it!"
Andy Liang
Andy Liang 4 часа назад
1:50 She got all mighty pushed
Caleb Lucky
Caleb Lucky 4 часа назад
*putting angel on tree* “I hear it cracking...”
FindingaBalance 4 часа назад
If you can't do a pull up hopefully you have the intelligence of not attempting a high rope swing...
Joharassit 4 часа назад
3:40 Bet he couldn't do that again if he tried.
Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou Katsuki 5 часов назад
When the girl was singing them thenguy faryed thats my jam
FoxWithTheXbox 5 часов назад
The lady in the beginning with the confetti sounded hella pissed
《be a VOICE not an ECHO》
《be a VOICE not an ECHO》 5 часов назад
And here's "fails" the bride - 0:17 - 7:45 😂😂😂😂😂
Étienne Desjardins
Étienne Desjardins 5 часов назад
5:37 ''TABARNAK''
Насима Мифтахутдинова
Насима Мифтахутдинова 5 часов назад
с тортом конечно безобразие во всех свадьбах не свадьба а пьяная тусовка
Joharassit 5 часов назад
5:44 dude was so calm. I would have lost my shit.
《be a VOICE not an ECHO》
《be a VOICE not an ECHO》 5 часов назад
👉In third place - 1:16 🥉 👉In second place - 0:09 🥈 👉And first it goes to - 5:04 🥇 Blergh ... I almost threw up from here 🤢🤮 👉Bonus: 2:01 - 2:44 - 7:43 😁
Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit 5 часов назад
loads of balance i love that,. if thats the case i could walk a tight rope across Niagara falls
S.S’s Nightcore
S.S’s Nightcore 5 часов назад
Where’d 3 go?😮 0:15
idk. Reagemi
idk. Reagemi 5 часов назад
6:20 the way the boy went to delete the evidence XD
Pokemonfan787 5 часов назад
4:14 look at me I'm holding a tray
Alien Creature
Alien Creature 5 часов назад
4:41 The single most adorable package thief of all time.
MrCnote1993 5 часов назад
The guy at 0:51 reaction looked like an angry person from Skate 4 😂
SimplyOmar 5 часов назад
“No not like that Sophia” 😭💀💀💀💀
Highway Horsepower
Highway Horsepower 6 часов назад
That 4:23 basketball dunk one was really bad knocked himself out. Hope he didn't break his neck or back.
Sarah Hockey
Sarah Hockey 6 часов назад drunk is the woman falling off the boat??
Lucas Knight
Lucas Knight 6 часов назад
0:48 sounds like a dying mouse! Lol
Ian Williams
Ian Williams 6 часов назад
1:41 the krakens call
Gabriel Klein
Gabriel Klein 6 часов назад
5:40 wtf
Leo 6 часов назад
... was I supposed to laugh at these or something? This video is annoying as hell.
Alexey Bruce Istvanow
Alexey Bruce Istvanow 6 часов назад
4:38 =The Best....
Kurt-Leigh Morris
Kurt-Leigh Morris 6 часов назад
It felt good to see the lil boy running away and cry. Boy finna learn his lesson
Leo 6 часов назад
Why do they act so surprised when the biker dented the car?? They should know by now that cars are all made as cheap as plastic, but they charge you 50 X more than what they’re really worth.
Leo 6 часов назад
How’re these losers SO uncoordinated?!? SHHHHYYYYTT
Ryan 6 часов назад
I got a taco bell Comercial right before this video, how fitting.
Mee Idr
Mee Idr 6 часов назад
Not really funny
K Me
K Me 7 часов назад
Anybody else jump when the baseball came flying at the phone lol
Thomas Breeman
Thomas Breeman 7 часов назад
the dog with a stik ahhahahahahha
Wesley Anderson
Wesley Anderson 7 часов назад
Wesley Anderson
Wesley Anderson 7 часов назад
Melissa Michelle Mckinney
Melissa Michelle Mckinney 7 часов назад
They got money to do nutty stuff they got money to fix it so...
mrpuckman 7 часов назад
Sound FX Fail Army
ronaldo cordeiro dos santos
ronaldo cordeiro dos santos 7 часов назад
OrangeAzzClown 7 часов назад
5:41 is the real fail here...
Spkr4TRUTH 7 часов назад
Oh my god 😂 the girl on the slingshot ride.. she went through the whole range of emotions between blackouts 😂 😆
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 часа назад
1:38 fast so gut wie bei Pietsmiet... aber nur fast xD
General Disorder
General Disorder 7 часов назад
What's up with these dudes purposefully damaging someone else's car? Is that funny? Is that a car fail? That's perpetuating shit behavior 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Ted Unguent
Ted Unguent 7 часов назад
I swear, 99% of dog owners don't walk their dog. They let the dog walk them, dragging them along by the leash. The dog is the alpha. SMH
Catman Smith
Catman Smith 7 часов назад
No one's in a rush to help these unfortunates,,,,,,,😁✌️
ronaldo cordeiro dos santos
ronaldo cordeiro dos santos 7 часов назад
Nonmi Hiseddeo
Nonmi Hiseddeo 7 часов назад
You haven't been bitch-slapped until you've been bitch-slapped by a BIG CARP. 9:40 You haven't been mocked until you've been mocked by a bull terrier.
massimo mare
massimo mare 7 часов назад
00:42I hope he tore your deer to pieces😪😪😪
Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor 7 часов назад
People really got to film in landscape more....that’s the biggest fail.
massimo mare
massimo mare 7 часов назад
1:01 Kill Pizza😱😱😱
Kamilek 8 часов назад
2:17 poor wall xD
Dario Ezpeleta
Dario Ezpeleta 8 часов назад
Me gusto como lo revolco 0:18 en el barro, a los animales no se los maltrata!!!
Ted Unguent
Ted Unguent 8 часов назад
0:34 Time to put the burgers down and get off your ass. Really, it's not meant to be funny. You'll be lucky to make 50.
Kruse62 8 часов назад
On the rocks! 😂
Keegan Dueck
Keegan Dueck 8 часов назад
1:25 i clearly have to go to hawaii more often ey?
milloooones 8 часов назад
The pug: 👁👄👁
Nick Foster
Nick Foster 8 часов назад
1:57 Made in China!
Danielle King
Danielle King 8 часов назад
4:01 cracked me up so much 😂
DanixRBX 8 часов назад
not all are from 2020
Rasta Basta
Rasta Basta 8 часов назад
😲😂🤣😆 Bear not Fear 😂🤣😆😁😜
Luke McLeavy
Luke McLeavy 8 часов назад
Oh can see and feel their pain the moment the glass breaks
d e e p c a r m u s i c .
d e e p c a r m u s i c . 8 часов назад
Стивен Мегьери
Стивен Мегьери 9 часов назад
woncho1 9 часов назад
I didn’t see the big orange thing right on front of me! Sorry...
Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah 9 часов назад
People are crazy
Thenandnow 9 часов назад
The kid who hits himself in the head with the yoyo always makes me laugh.
aaronmichaelspark 9 часов назад
Its the 1 with mum and the hairdryer kid might still be laughing but dad is going to blame it all on him lol