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King Flamengo
King Flamengo 56 минут назад
My Grandpa told me about Black Sabbath My Dad told me about Korn My kids from me gonna hear about Slipknot
King Flamengo
King Flamengo 57 минут назад
This is amazing 👽
Mojito_Riko Час назад
Esta banda no cree ni en Covid ni en 2020 ni 2021 ni lo que venga!! Temazooo!!
ASTR0 WØRLDD 3 часа назад
CHE 3 часа назад
I Love Jonathon You can see he's struggling to stay seated He's such an emotionally Powerful Artist ♥
Miss Chicka
Miss Chicka 3 часа назад
2:21 to 2:24 Munky looks at Ray like, "huh?" Way too many fills.
Igor Phantom
Igor Phantom 4 часа назад
kisamachio 4 часа назад
Korn is my life 🇯🇵
brandon anderson
brandon anderson 5 часов назад
Cheers brothers from Korn!
kylie bunn
kylie bunn 5 часов назад
Brilliant brilliant beautiful
Neal Maxwell
Neal Maxwell 6 часов назад
Korn: AKA the only white guys over 50 to look good in dead locks
คุณไชโย โกมินทร์
คุณไชโย โกมินทร์ 6 часов назад
I really like this song
jerry jon
jerry jon 6 часов назад
1 word awful
Mark Kobza
Mark Kobza 7 часов назад
hey what happened to the repeat feature.............
Mike Medema
Mike Medema 7 часов назад
I almost have both of these tanks in world of tanks blitz.
Mathew Gassen
Mathew Gassen 8 часов назад
Raid shadow legends is the next sponsor
Christian Padilla Plaza
Christian Padilla Plaza 8 часов назад
I'm glad I was high when I first watched this...
cheri618 8 часов назад
me watching this: so this is what it’s like to have friends
NickJaca 76
NickJaca 76 8 часов назад
Damn this song! 🖤😎 Sorry for your loss sir...
Frank Drive
Frank Drive 8 часов назад
The mainstream media is dying
Nate Silva
Nate Silva 9 часов назад
Am I one of the only human beings that hasn't met this band and still wants to meet this band to resonate with with the pain that the man has Exposed on his records love you Korn
Renascentia BellaMorte
Renascentia BellaMorte 9 часов назад
Happy Anniversary!!! 🥰 Still listening 2020 🥰 Waiting for concerts, like dead bones!!! Best Track!!! ♾🎶🤘🖤🤘🎶♾
Onibyron 9 часов назад
Yep I can sense their style is still there. See you in 10 years.
Dave Stock
Dave Stock 9 часов назад
This is my favourite off this album to play on the 7 string. The whole aldums good but I get pumped when this one comes up. Fuken lose my mind in the breakdowns. Anyone with me?
Vincent Jay Suing
Vincent Jay Suing 10 часов назад
Great song, but I really don't get why they didn't edit the last part of this song, it's a bit out of tempo.
Mustafa Berke Güreltöl
Mustafa Berke Güreltöl 10 часов назад
Tank you
Ester Passos
Ester Passos 10 часов назад
Incrível essa música triste e ao mesmo tempo inpactante, a voz do Jonathan Davis é incrível. ❤💙💚💛💜
CLEBER RICARDO 10 часов назад
Que loucura que viagem que nostalgia... Tenho um sonho de ir no show de korn
Ricky Carr
Ricky Carr 10 часов назад
Props time to unplug
HohnerCornell 10 часов назад
Guys, I think this song is better than the whole The Nothing.
Darren McMackin
Darren McMackin 11 часов назад
This song is wicked
Ronaldo Inacio
Ronaldo Inacio 11 часов назад
Que musica foda mano !
Serhii Kozak
Serhii Kozak 11 часов назад
Mad Max 5 trailer?
Adam Turner
Adam Turner 11 часов назад
Brendon James Colby
Brendon James Colby 11 часов назад
Verses 1 and 2 I think has to do with how people judge you on your depression and the voice it creates in your head that you keep telling yourself you're not normal and out of place.
hygor silva
hygor silva 11 часов назад
Como eu amo esses caras
Brendon James Colby
Brendon James Colby 11 часов назад
His voice is still amazing, sounds just like 1999
LX _Sw33t
LX _Sw33t 12 часов назад
Has this been claimed. why
Marcos Wagner
Marcos Wagner 12 часов назад
Good shit!
Mike Best
Mike Best 12 часов назад
Hell yess🤘🧨🤘
Glen Begin
Glen Begin 13 часов назад
You speak about "dark entities" like you know about the "Astral Plane" and all of it's dimensions and levels?
l s
l s 13 часов назад
Yes! Finally some good new heavy shit!! Deep riffs and old school Korn sound mixed with a Lamb of God feel!!
Richard Richard
Richard Richard 14 часов назад
Money must be hard to come by if your teaming Blitz mobile game eh guys?
Włodzimierz Ratajczak
Włodzimierz Ratajczak 14 часов назад
Wideo polecam
Włodzimierz Ratajczak
Włodzimierz Ratajczak 14 часов назад
Corn wideo polecam new
Leatherface123 14 часов назад
World of tanks blitz
Albert Dunisch
Albert Dunisch 14 часов назад
where am i? free.
Massiel Arauz
Massiel Arauz 14 часов назад
Nicola W.
Nicola W. 14 часов назад
What a noob the Annihilator😂 lol
Андрей Кривицкий
Андрей Кривицкий 14 часов назад
As it all falls down, do I walk away Or do I stand my ground and accept my fate? And there's the faceless cries, that twist my every dream And almost every night I hear the demon sing Why are we going on this way? Why do we play these games in vain? Nothing's gonna break it down and build us back again So why do go back that could leave this way? Black is the soul that's led astray You're leading me to places I can never follow Happiness is found in the darkest ways And as I searched around, I've made nothing but mistakes And there's the faceless cries, that twist my every dream And almost every night I hear the demon sing Why are we going on this way? Why do we play these games in vain? Nothing's gonna break it down and build us back again So why do go…
Jean Leandro
Jean Leandro 14 часов назад
Só eu senti falta do pedestal do Jonathan Davis?
Alexandeyyy 15 часов назад
What a power!!!!!! I LOVE YOU RAYYYYYY
strykeroc 15 часов назад
Where is his mic stand..?? It's not the same...😢
I M.S.N.
I M.S.N. 15 часов назад
C’è un qualsiasi italiani? Io conosco i Korn da ora😅😅
TIMMY DIBBZ 15 часов назад
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 16 часов назад
Damn, I feel his pain! I L♡VE you JD
Amon Ra
Amon Ra 16 часов назад
Kylo Varian
Kylo Varian 16 часов назад
I feel like I'm gonna get Tetanus just watching this video
Dellage TV
Dellage TV 16 часов назад
Зачётный клип и песня качает
B Locke
B Locke 17 часов назад
Love you 😍
Anđela Kalinić
Anđela Kalinić 17 часов назад
Soooooo goooooood
OneKARMAKOMA 17 часов назад
Free at last. Are u sure? Take a look in the wirror
knightchallenger 2020
knightchallenger 2020 17 часов назад
How's your head ? Booong in the end it was a picture that came to life keep up the good work music is awesome by the way 👍👍👍👍
Jakub Tallee
Jakub Tallee 17 часов назад
The silent cartographer
Karen King
Karen King 17 часов назад
Love knowing I'm not the only one thinks obsessively outside the box lol
Karen King
Karen King 17 часов назад
Ah our opinions are the important ones anyways 😉
conlan a
conlan a 18 часов назад
Looking forward to 2020 HAHAHA HAHA HAHAHAH HAHA AH
BWISEPIC28 18 часов назад
This is the best music video/song of 2020
DOOM CallOfDuty
DOOM CallOfDuty 19 часов назад
I wish #Korn would #Colab with #Ghostemane
サイタマクリリン 19 часов назад
The initial version reminded me the chorus of "What It is To Burn", by the emo band Finch.
Кирилл Кортушов
Кирилл Кортушов 19 часов назад
Кто после wot blitz?
Stan Codetz
Stan Codetz 19 часов назад
Slipknot be like: 1:39
Graciliano Lima
Graciliano Lima 19 часов назад
muito bom
Wayfarer 19 часов назад
Где микрофон в форме голой дамы? Рекломадатель не разрешил?)
ZiKrOcKbY 19 часов назад
korn es su maxima exprecion
Jay Decker
Jay Decker 20 часов назад
There’s no ticket button that’s just a fucking advertisement for like shit nobody can afford
Kahlkopf HR
Kahlkopf HR 20 часов назад
Sau fett.Korn ist immer sau fett🤘🤘🤘🤜🤛🇩🇪
Richard Savage
Richard Savage 20 часов назад
Jon will always be my favourite vocalist and lyricist ever.
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo 21 час назад
👹🤘🏻👹🤘🏻 BRUTAL
Ваня Левин
Ваня Левин 21 час назад
Кто с блица